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Fanfold Paper
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What would you do-crack in my new X300?


So I waited with the greatest of anticipation and after a month, today I finally received my X300.

I pulled it out of the box with glee to inspect it and low and behold there is a crack in the exterior case on the back on the upper right corner and bottom right corner of the Ethernet port just to the left of the wireless on/off and the case material right above the USB port is bowed out.  I haven’t even started er up yet and am not sure if I should.  I tried calling Lenovo and somehow I got patched into technical support to which they tried to have me send it in for repairs.  I told them I would get back to them tomorrow after I can get a hold of sales. 

My question for the think tank is what really are my options? 

What would you do?


Thanks for any input    
Token Ring
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Re: What would you do-crack in my new X300?

Return it.
Can you post a picture for us?
The reason that I ask is that I had thought I had some defects on my T61, which had turned out to be design features. I am not saying that your crack is a design feature, but I am sure that it would help Lenovo identify the problem.
It is pretty surprising that an X300 could be cracked given the packaging, in which my X300 had been very secure.

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Fanfold Paper
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Re: What would you do-crack in my new X300?

I don't know Lenovo's formal policy on this, but I would insist on returning it and getting a replacement. Just be polite and persistant about having received a defective item, and don't let tech support, or anyone else, talk you into a repair. In my experience, nothing good comes of accepting a defective new notebook instead of getting it replaced right away.
Serial Port
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Re: What would you do-crack in my new X300?

If I were you, I wouldn't hesiate and return the product either immediately for exchange with a new one or full refund.
The condition that you describe is not exactly cosmetic damage. So I don't see any reason why Lenovo would hesiate to exchange the machine with a brand new one. They should be able to claim from the transit insurance.
A broken laptop definitely qualifies for a defective laptop. Do share your experience on the forum -- particularly good experiences that you have with the manufacturer.
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Fanfold Paper
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Re: What would you do-crack in my new X300?

After some phone calls I spoke with a supervisor who informed me that they would send me return authorization numbers and shipping tags so I could return the damaged lap top.  I would have to order and charge a new lap top which they would configure and price the exact same as the last one.  Unfortunately, I will have two lap tops on my credit card until they credit me on the damaged.  The good news is I have a new lap top on the way.  The bad news is now I get to wait another month for it to get here.
thanks for all your input

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