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Where to buy a unlocked GOBI 5000?

Where can I buy a unlocked GOBI 5000? The only ones I see on is $200 for either the Verizon or AT&T brands.. I need one that works with T-mobile

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Re: Where to buy a unlocked GOBI 5000?

What region and network are you planing to use internet in?

T-Mobile operates in 3 LTE frequency bands in the US - B2, B4, B12 (for B12 the company planned to start operating just in July 2014) and 3 bands in the EU - B3, B7, B20, in depends of the region and license type. But Gobi 5000 (Sierra Wireless em7355) supports only 2 bands of 6 above - B2 and B4.

At the same time Sierra Wireless em7345 LTE card (another one card for the new line Lenovo notebooks) supports 5 bands of 6 above, except of B12.

So, there are no advantages for em7355 if you are not planning to work in Sprint LTE network and 3g CDMA/EV-DO networks of US carriers.

Supported frequency bands isn't a "locking" feature. It's a design, the set of components, filters. Purchase the card you need on shop.lenovo or altarnate resources.

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