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Which Thinkpad laptop do I purchase???



I am a law student in need of a new laptop. I know what I want in my computer, but I do not know exactly where/how to find it. To start, I should note that I use the heck outta my technology. I study hours each day (and that is comprised of videos, PDFS, and a crap ton of CTL+F on 100+ page word docs and pdfs), browse the web for research with several tabs at once, stream video, music, sometimes tv or netflix, and do a ton of video/music/photo editing for my basketball team. I am currently running on a Dell inspiron 15r (dinosaur) 1TB HD, Intel i7-3612QM CPU @ 2.1GHz, 8gb Ram, Win. 8 64-bit, and a whole lotta stale Dell Hardware. I want to upgrade to something more modern, sleek, and powerful. My dell has surpassed my expectations, and then some, given that it is a 6 year old grandpa that is still running pretty well for its age. However, it is definitely showing that age, and I think its time for an upgrade.


With that being said, I know i want a ThinkPad. I have used them at work and love their performance. I also want a touch screen, and definitely want the garaged stylus (given that I am a Galaxy Note User). However, I also don't want to lose any of the processing power that my current model has. And that is how I arrived at Lenovo, but now I am stuck. I have browsed through seemingly dozens of ThinkPad and Yoga Models, without being able to differentiate between them all.


Can someone please help me differentiate between the ThinkPad/ThinkPad Yoga Models that meet the description that I set above? I have tried several web searches but I am totally confused between whats current, whats a good bargain, and quite frankly, whats the best laptop in this category? I am currently looking at the X1 3rd gen model, but I keep running into a plethora of other models and its really confusing me. Price is a factor (im not suing rich people, yet!), but its not an end all, be all. I appreciate any and all advice!

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Re: Which Thinkpad laptop do I purchase???

You say that the X1 yoga gen3 is one of the ones you are looking at.  I have one and I REALLY like it.  I wrote a review when it first came out in time for the Consumer Electronics Show:



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Re: Which Thinkpad laptop do I purchase???

As I can see you are a law student and mostly work with document files. You don't do any heavy work (Development, R&D, Testing, etc) so you won't need more CPU, GPU & RAM.

A laptop with a normal configuration like Intel i3 processor +4Gb ram would be more than enough for the work you do. But for future reference, you should buy a laptop with configuration Intel i5 processor + 8 Gb of RAM.

You can read a guide about the best laptop for the student on this portal  How to choose best laptop for student

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