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Why is the ThinkPad X1 Yoga $1,000 more than a similar Yoga 910?

Just curious, why is the new Thinkpad X1 Yoga I7, 16 GB RAM, 1 TB SSD, FHD about $1,000 more than the similarly equipped commercial Lenovo 910? 


Is it the ThinkPad brand name? The eraser nubbin? The 2 combined?


Just curious.


I've got a friend who needs a new laptop. She likes the touch/fold aspect of my 1st gen Thinkpad X1 Yoga. Do you all think she would be happy with the commercial Yoga 910? 


Any real reason to get the new plain FHD ThinkPad X1 Yoga instead of the similarly equipped commercial Yoga available at Best Buy besides spending an extra $1000 for the ThinkPad brand name?


I've owned 6 various ThinkPads since 2011 FWIW. I get it, they're cream of the crop. But I kinda got sticker shock when I just priced out a plain FHD (and we need nothing more) X1 Yoga. About  $2,800, wow!


Opinions and advice -- no spam please (thank you!) -- welcome.


Best to everyone...




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Re: X1 Yoga 2017 pushed back to summer??



The biggest difference I see between the X1 Yoga (2nd) and the Yoga 910 is active pen support which seems to be missing from the 910. You could use a capacitive stylus, but expect fingertip resolution, not pinpoint, and no pressure-sensitivity. Fewer USB ports: no HDMI or MicroSD; no Thunderbolt.


No TPM module, if you need to store encrypted creditials, e.g., for BitLocker. Not sure about battery life; they claim up to 9 hours of local video for the 910 vs. up to 15 of MobileMark for the X1. Not an apple-to-apple comparison.


You're not going to get the (soon to be patched, at least for now) security hole that is Intel's vPro management tech. You may not get Windows 10 Pro, possibly just Home (but you could always give Microsoft the money to upgrade if you need BitLocker or Remote Access). You're not going to get all the "mil-spec" design and testing etc, but if it's a personal machine, you're probably going to avoid abusing it.


As you suggest, the "wave" keyboard -- including the trackpoint "eraser nubbin" -- is definitely going to be more expensive on the ThinkPad than the plain Yoga keyboard.


I used two generations of ThinkPads (T61p and W520), but about 3 years ago I switched to a Dell XPS 13. A year or so ago, I ordered a X1 Yoga 1st gen for my wife and she likes it very much, so I am pretty familiar with the design and capabilities.


TLDR: I think most people would be happy with the 910 vs. X1 unless they want the active pen.


Also look at the Yoga 720 which supports a pen (sold separately) and has (2-lane) Thunderbolt. I just ordered the top 15" version of that In particular, I wanted better video than the HD 620 on the X1 Yoga. Hard to argue with NVIDIA 1050 at half the price, even if I did have to buy the pen separately!


Your friend should also consider the HP Spectre x360; I just bought one of those for my daughter (college student, journalism). Pen in the box. Similar specs to the Yogas.

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Re: X1 Yoga 2017 pushed back to summer??

I think the current sale price loaded is ~$2300, a little less, for the X1 Yoga. And OLED is the main reason I chose it over other options mentioned here. The 2K resolution is perfect for the 13" screen I wouldn't want 4K. The faster chip with Iris woulda been great but unfortunately it wasn't an option. My daughter will be using this for college she doesn't plan on using it for games or I would have gotten a 15" device with a Nvidia card for sure. Although I have seen some tallk about the eGPU which might be an option with this device too but obviously more money.

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