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Will the x220 ever be able to boot in 10 seconds? (as t420s)

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I found out that the x220 is compatible with ENHANCED EXPERIENCE 2.0.

With this technology (I thinks that are mainly tweaks) the t420s can boot in under 10 seconds (with SSD)

Why does my x220 need ~ 20 seconds to boot? (Intel 320 120GB SSD)

It doesn't mater if I install "rapidboot" or not. The time won't change.

Will it come step by step or will it stay at 20seconds?

(I know it is a very good time, but 10 seconds are quiet better Smiley Very Happy )

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Re: Will the x220 ever be able to boot in 10 seconds? (as t420s)

I don't know the exact steps to make your computer boot in 10 seconds and if it's even possible, but to get EE 2.0 you need to use the pre-installed Windows from Lenovo and not a clean install. Also the Intel 320 SSD is SATA 2 unless i'm wrong. With a SATA 3 SSD i guess you should be able to enhance the boot time a bit further. Also there are some settings Intel recommend to turn off when using a Intel SSD. If you install the Intel SSD toolbox you can make this app do these changes for you. I'm also sure there are further Windows tweaks that can be done to make Windows boot faster.


You also have to remember that some applications will make you computer boot slower so a fresh Windows usually boot faster compared to when you have installed all the apps you use. Antivirus is one example that make the computer boot a bit slower and that might differ pretty much depending what antivirus software you use. Also i found some of the Lenovo applications to make the computer boot a bit slower like the fingerprint software.The boot time normally increase when you install applications, but of course some apps do not have any effect on the boot time while others do.


When Lenovo demonstrate a boot in 10 seconds i guess they install Windows with required drivers only and not software that can slow down the boot and maybe they even did a few tweaks. I really don't know and just guessing.


I guess you where hoping for easy fix, but i don't think there is a easy and simple answer to this question.



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