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Blue Screen Again
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WinTab breaks Pen/Touch capability on X380 (20LH)

I wanted to post this more as a FYI than anything as it appears there is a bug in the latest version of WinTab.


This week my Thinkpad Yoga X380 (20LH) installed the recommended update for the WinTab utility.  It is listed as:

  • WinTab Utility - 10 [64]

After this update my pen and touch capability broke.  Initially this started as the lower barrel button no longer performing an Erase command in Microsoft OneNote, but after a reboot I was no longer able to use the pen or touch (with a few odd exceptions that I'll note below).  Touching the screen would result in the water-drop feedback I would normally see, but it wouldn't "click" and when using the pen I could see the cursor, but again it wouldn't "click".  


In some instances if I was in a Ink/Pen related menu (Like the Windows Ink settings or Lenovo Pen Settings) touching the screen for an extended period or dragging the pen around would actually cause that window to close/crash.  Reboot and reinstall of WinTab had no effect.


The only exception to this behavior I found was Google Chrome - no idea why, but it scrolled normally and would even let me minimize the window, but nothing else worked.  I couldn't click Start or the taskbar icon to restore it.  I'll also add that this behavior would start immediately at boot, so I doubt its a conflict with another program as nothing else had opened at that point.


After some troubleshooting I discovered that uninstalling the Lenovo Pen Settings Service (I assume this is the fancy name of WinTab) fixes everything immediately.  There are actually 2 applications that tie together, but the one ending in Service appears to be the problem and was the one that installed automatically.  The other program simply installs if you accept a prompt for it and appears to simply be the UI to change option.


I was able to reproduce this issue twice now - once on purpose to verify it was the cause, and again this morning when Lenovo Vantage installed WinTab as a recommended driver update.  In both cases, uninstalling WinTab/Pen Settings Service fixed it immediately - no reboot required.


I'm able to work without WinTab, though it would be benefitial to have it installed as I like having the Pen battery level on the status bar.

Paper Tape
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Re: WinTab breaks Pen/Touch capability on X380 (20LH)

It worked for me as well. Thank you for taking the time to find this solution and sharing it.
What's DOS?
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Re: WinTab breaks Pen/Touch capability on X380 (20LH)

I had the same problem and the solution worked for me as well - thank you for your advice! Smiley Happy

What's DOS?
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Re: WinTab breaks Pen/Touch capability on X380 (20LH)

We also had the same problem but have no record of WinTab. 


We were able to go into Device Manager and rollback the "Lenovo Pen Device" driver from to the "Wacom Device" driver version to resolve the issue.

Token Ring
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Re: WinTab breaks Pen/Touch capability on X380 (20LH)

Thanks this solved my issue as well, in my case the Lenovo Vantage application updated the drivers and broke Windows. Thanks Lenovo.

Blue Screen Again
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Re: WinTab breaks Pen/Touch capability on X380 (20LH)


Interesting, sounds like either WinTab is a package of multiple drivers/programs, or someone can't pick a single name and stick with it.


I discovered uninstalling the Settings Service in Apps & Features resolved the problem before I got too deep into Device Manager, but I did notice the Lenovo Pen Device hardware.  When I look now its been replaced by the generic HID-Compliant Pen, so sounds like both the old version of the driver AND the generic Windows driver both work.

What's DOS?
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Re: WinTab breaks Pen/Touch capability on X380 (20LH)

Hi Can any one guide where i can  uninstalli WinTab/Pen Settings Service.?


I don't see it under add remove programs .


I have the same problem across  multiple devices where the tocuh screen wont work.


I see the lenovo system update installed Win tab Utilty on Dec 10.


I beleive thats causing all the problems as per soultions.


Blue Screen Again
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Re: WinTab breaks Pen/Touch capability on X380 (20LH)

I found it under Apps & Features in the Win10 settings menu (not the Applications and Programs menu that's been around for ages).  


That said, it might be that uninstalling that simply rolled back or removed a faulty driver based on what another user above posted. It's been a while since I had to do it, so I don't remember the specifics off the top of my head, but if you can't find the app in Apps and Features, open Device Manager and search for the Lenovo Pen device (either under Human Interface Devices or Mouse and Other Pointing Devices).  Uninstall the device, and (this is where I get fuzzy) if it asks, you want to remove the driver.  At that point you can scan for new devices and it *should* install as a generic device or with an old Wacom driver depending on what was installed previously. 


Alternatively you can probably tell it to install a new driver and manually select the Generic HID Pen driver, but that's likely more complicated/tedious.



As an aside - I assume official Lenovo employees frequent these forums.. is this something that gets reported back to the driver dev teams or would someone need to file a support ticket?

Lenovo Employee jerrycq
Lenovo Employee
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Re: WinTab breaks Pen/Touch capability on X380 (20LH)

Hi All,

Sorry for this trouble, We have reproduced this issue and escalated to developer for fix.

This problematic driver have been removed from lenovo Vantage, we will release a new version Wintab driver to fix the problem.Thanks.

What's DOS?
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Re: WinTab breaks Pen/Touch capability on X380 (20LH)

When will the update be released?


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