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Blue Screen Again
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Windows 8 Pro OEM reinstall - No recovery partition / disk

I have a Lenovo X1 Carbon which I installed the Windows 10 Technical Preview on. In doing so I formatted the entire hard drive so that I don't have the recovery partition as well.


I now want to reinstall the Win 8 Pro OEM which it came with. However I do not have any recovery media / partition. The product key is also not on the device, although I understand it is embedded in the BIOS.


Can anyone please advise? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks for reading.

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Re: Windows 8 Pro OEM reinstall - No recovery partition / disk

Good day and welcome to the community.


To return to the factory-delivered state, you'll need to contact Support (info below) and request recovery media. There may be an associated cost.




United Kingdom
THINK-branded products
03705-500-900 ( local rate)
(Standard warranty support)
9:00 - 18:00 Monday - Friday

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Re: Windows 8 Pro OEM reinstall - No recovery partition / disk

the recovery partition can be removed from Windows 8 by opening Disk Management. This can be done by typing Disk Man on the Start screen, or opening File Explorer, right-clicking This PC and selecting Manage, then expanding Storage.
Attempting to Refresh or Reset Windows 8 With No Recovery Partition:
The procedure is to open the Charms menu, select Settings > Change PC Settings, tap Update and Recovery, and then select Refresh your PC without affecting your files or Remove everything and reinstall Windows.
Create a New Recovery Partition in Windows 8:
Extract the file and run it, updating as requested. You’ll then be able to use the Open button to browse for the install.esd file, and use the Convert button in the top left corner to begin. When all is converted, you should now have a file called install.wim, which you should copy to a new folder on your C:\ drive, labelled C:\Win81-Recovery. The next stage is to register the file so that Windows knows it is there and can create a recovery drive.

On the desktop, right-click the Windows Start screen button and select Command Prompt (Admin). In the command line, enter:

REAGENTC /SetOSImage /Path C:\Win81-Recovery\INSTALL.WIM /Index 1
This will register the INSTALL.WIM file as your PC’s recovery image.

To confirm this has worked, enter:

Recovery Back in Place: You’re Ready to Reset!:
As described, you’ll need to head to Settings > Change PC Settings, tap Update and Recovery, and make a decision between the two options. Note that if you take the Remove everything… option, Windows will then ask you to confirm which drives you want to be wiped. Windows 8 has a secure wipe feature here, which should remove anything sensitive or embarrassing from your computer’s hard disk drive.



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Re: Windows 8 Pro OEM reinstall - No recovery partition / disk

Paulnevin i think you read op post wrong he installed Windows 10 tech preview and now his recovery partition is gone so what he wants is to be able to restore back to Windows 8.1 but he has not got any recovery media, best is to try Google up Lenovo recover media page and order a disc or USB with windows 8.1 recovery on it.
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Re: Windows 8 Pro OEM reinstall - No recovery partition / disk

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