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Paper Tape
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Re: Windows XP - User Interface Failure "vrlogon.dll" Failed to Load

Hello bananaman and everyone else who offered assistance.

Thanks so much for help.


msconfig and regedit suggestions did not work because I could not find suspect IBM programs or CSSAUTH.EXE anywhere. Yes I did look -very- carefully.


I could not use the "users fast switching" tactic because User Accounts messaged me, "a recently imstalled program disabled the Welcome screen and Fast User Switching." This messge mentioned 'vrlogon.dll' but not how to find the code calling it. Of course the problem was not a newly installed program IBM's Fingerprint Reader program failing to restore Windows to normal after being Removed by CP -> Add Remove Programs.


As a last resort I tried Doug Knox's Fix Win XP Logon program. It DID find the offending code, referenced vrlogon.dll and offered to fix it !!! The fix was successful and my X60 is running again perfectly now :<)))

Thanks much to Mr Knox, I wil make a contribution to the charity featured on his site tomorrow.

Again thanks everyone !! For saving me from a day or boring and tedious re-loads.


Moral: DO NOT Remove IBM added software from your X60 -- you may be Sorry.

Thinkpad X60
XP Pro SP 2 Build 2006
Punch Card
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Re: X60 Fingerprint Reader - cannot Log On to Windows XP "vrlogon.dll" missing

dseaborn, Lucky for you bananaman galloped in to the rescue. My way wouldn't have been so pretty or elegant. Bananaman's solution was a new one for me.
What's DOS?
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Re: X60 Fingerprint Reader - cannot Log On to Windows XP "vrlogon.dll" missing

Thanks, banana! I had the same problem as the OP and The Doug Knox fix worked great for me. Disabling cssauth.exe in msconfig didn't work so I was starting to lose hope, but luckily your post directed me to the right direction.


Thanks again. =)


EDIT: My problem was with an X60 Tablet. 

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What's DOS?
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Re: X60 Fingerprint Reader - cannot Log On to Windows XP "vrlogon.dll" missing

Pardon me but bananaman's fix does not work.  His "fix" has been well categorized in this forum and in others places but apparently does not work on a T61 laptop.    Four (4) separate calls to Lenovo tech support reveals they do not have a fix (and actually have little idea what the hell they're doing).    One additional possibility apparently entails turning off the security chip in the BIOS after unloading of the fingerprint software - but I'm not risking a client's laptop for that.   If Lenovo won't support its OWN proprietary software screwups I, for one, will not let any clients purchase a lenovo laptop in the future.  Period.

Fanfold Paper
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Re: Windows XP - User Interface Failure "vrlogon.dll" Failed to Load

@dseaborn wrote:


Moral: DO NOT Remove IBM added software from your X60 -- you may be Sorry.


Removing the software isn't the problem. Having the software installed in the first place is the problem. Every computer, regardless of vendor, that I have formatted and installed just Windows and drivers has been far more reliable and speedier than it was out of the box with all the vendor's crapware installed.


That's just my 12 years of experience. Your mileage may vary.

What's DOS?
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x is the manRe: X60 Fingerprint Reader - cannot Log On to Windows XP "vrlogon.dll" missing

Doug Knox is the man!  Worked perfectly on my T61!

Fanfold Paper
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Re: Windows XP - User Interface Failure "vrlogon.dll" Failed to Load

If Doug's solution is not an option for you, I just fixed this manually by remotely editing the registry. (huh?) Here's the story - I hope it helps someone someday.


We uninstalled the fingerprint software, and encountered this error. We found the only option for logging in was Safe Mode, sans networking. However, someone had mistyped the local admin username (we neuter Adminstrator and Owner) so we just could not get in locally. (Yes, we'll be neutering him next.)


The solution was to access the computer over the LAN, connect to the registry, and edit the GinaDLL key in

<HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon>
Apparently, the #&@^!* uninstaller fails to restore the GinaDLL key to msgina.dll, which is the Windows default, leaving a reference to vrlogon.dll, which is no longer there. D'OH! 
Anyway, after that little edit, we rebooted the X60, and were in like Flynn. :-)


As I said, I hope that helps somebody.

What's DOS?
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Re: X60 Fingerprint Reader - cannot Log On to Windows XP "vrlogon.dll" missing

This reply may be too late to help, but I just want to provide my experience in case someone may encounter the similar problem of this.


I was having "logon user interface dll vrlogin.dll failed to load" at bootup stage. So I have to login Safe Mode to my WinXP Pro.


Run the program ctlcntr.exe in "Program Files\ThinkVantage Fingerprint Software". Click Settings then click System Settings. Click Logon tab then select "Standard Windows logon". Press OK and restart the system.


These changes allow me login WinXP Pro without ThinkVantage involved, thus avoid vrlogin.dll issue.


What's DOS?
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cannot Log On to Windows XP "vrlogon.dll" missing

I have read through this forum and appreciate all the suggestions.  But unlike the others who have been able to log in under Safe Mode, I cannot get into Windows via any method.

On initial startup, I get the vrlogon.dll missing error.

I hit F8 and try to enter via Safe Mode (with and w/out networking) and it appears to go into Safe Mode.

It takes me to the 'hit ctl alt del to log in' screen so I do that.

Then I get taken to the login in screen asking for the User Name and Password.

The User Name is already in the name field so I just type in the password and....

I have typed it in multiple times only to get the following error:

"The system could not log you on. Make sure your user name and domain are correct, then type you password again. Letters in passwords must be typed using the correct case"


Needless to say, I cannot go any further to try any of your suggested fixes. I can't get to msconfig. Can't get to regedit.


I've tried attching the HDD to another PC via USB and have gone into C:\Windows\System32 and renamed vrlogon.dll to vrlogon.OLD... still no luck.


So.... how do I get in to fix this problem?



Paper Tape
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Re: cannot Log On to Windows XP "vrlogon.dll" missing

I went straight to that cute little file after reading this post and BOOM!

Thanks again, all! quick fix to what I was expecting to be a HUGE headache on the R60 I'm working on.

I also agree: Clean install of XP and drivers is always the best way to go. I hate all the garbage vendors bloat these things up with.


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