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Paper Tape
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Wireless keeps dropping on X61

I have an X61 running on XP Pro and using Intel 3945ABG.  I've had this laptop for a year and it's worked wonderfully up until a week or two ago.  My wireless connection frequently disconnects and then reconnects and then at times, it completely disconnects from my wireless network.  I never know when it's going to disconnect either as it happens randomly and all throughout the day.  I thought it was a router issue at first but I took out my old laptop (Dell Inspiron 1150) and placed it next to my X61.  Although I noticed a slight drop in speed, the wireless never disconnected once while the X61's disconnected at least twice in 30 minutes.


I searched through old posts and updated the wireless driver as suggested by downloading the driver from Intel.  I don't use Access Connections to manage my wireless.


Is there anything else I can try?  It's really a hassle having the internet cut out while I'm trying to talk to friends on instant messenger or I'm trying to do work. 





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Re: Wireless keeps dropping on X61

Hi Anna,


try to use "ThinkVantage Access Connections" for your wireless network (at least for diagnosis purposes):

With this program, it's easy to check and log your connection...


Start -> ThinkVantage -> Access Connections -> Tools -> Diagnosis... ->

  1. Connection status -> Test connection...
  2. Event log -> Activate log (-> Show log)

After a disconnection has occured, check the log for problems... and eventually post it here.


Smiley Wink


If you really don't want to use Access Connections, check the system's logs for problems:


Look at the log files especially for applications and system: yellow exclamation marks and red crosses could point to problems ... just double click on one entry to check for details!


Smiley Happy


Greetings, Christian

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Re: Wireless keeps dropping on X61

This is the newest driver from Lenovo (or intel?) [2009/01/05] you may like to give it a try.


When things occur randomly, it's just so hard to say what causes and how to solve it. Looking at log file like Christian might give you a clue to solve this.

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Re: Wireless keeps dropping on X61

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I had the exact same problem on my X60s.  It would work fine for a little, then just drop the signal, then sometimes pick it up agian, then drop it again. I finally fixed it by opening ThinkVantage Access Connections (Fn + F5), clicking Open Access Connections, then I went to Configure > Global Connections and turned off “Enable automatic wireless LAN radio control”. I haven't had a single problem since.
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Paper Tape
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Re: Wireless keeps dropping on X61

I just want to say that I fixed the issue and thanks for the help! Smiley Happy
Paper Tape
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Re: Wireless keeps dropping on X61

Hi, I have an X60 and my wireless radio keeps on turning off after 5-10 seconds.  I have already tried the "(Fn + F5), Open Access Connections, Configure, Global Connections and turning off “Enable automatic wireless LAN radio control".  Is there anything esle I can do? 



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Re: Wireless keeps dropping on X61

only a guess...


System Update suggested me to update my Wifi adapter (11a/b/g from Atheros) on my X60 driver to a  release I had a lot of trouble with my wifi beginning around that time. I first tought its related to the heavy Wifi "pollution" - I always receive around 16-18 networks at the same time at home, lots of interference. But when I was in a much less "polluted" environment and had the similar behaviour, I got the suspicion, its related to my new Wifi driver.


Interestingly enough, System Update later suggested to download the latest  Wifi driver release 5.something. I was confused, but I think going back to the suggested solved the issue.


Needless to say, that System Update is again suggesting to "upgrade" to again. I will refrain from that, reading your experience.

What's DOS?
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Re: Wireless keeps dropping on X61

Same issue. Lenovo X61 Tablet.


I was having the same problem with Windows XP.


I moved to ubuntu and I am having the same problem.


Moreover, I have changed the router too. Same issue.


Wireless connection disconnects and reconnects randomly.


It is pretty annoying. My laptop is not a laptop anymore, I have to keep the cable connected.


3 more computers in the same network. No issues with the others (Lenovo T42 works fine)


There is definitely a bug there.

What's DOS?
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Re: Wireless keeps dropping on X61

I have  exactly the same problem with my X61 running Windows Vista Business. The wireless keeps dropping for no reason... and it takes several manual connection efforts.


Help please!

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