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Would an IPS screen for an X220 make me overcome my disappointment with the stock display....

2012-03-16, 4:31 AM

....enough to pull the trigger on getting an x220?


I`ve been in the market for quite some time for a new laptop to replace my old 12.1" VIAO and thought I`d finally found one that had most (if not everything) that I was looking for in the X220. Before configuring and ordering, I managed to find a retailer that stocked them, and wanted to make sure the small palm rests wouldn`t be a deal breaker. The palm rests were fine, but I`m still trying to overcome my disappointment with the display (non-premium), which was a real letdown. The main issues I had were:


  • colour accuracy
  • contrast
  • brightness
  • sharpness
  • real estate orientation

I know the IPS won`t do anything for the latter (what is with the 16:9 on a machine you`re supposed to work on - I get 38 rows of excel in my old machine, which drops to 25 on a " state of the art" business model X220 ??3!? That`s just retarded!).


Back on track....since I have no hope of actually seeing a live IPS screen before making a very expensive decision, can people please weigh in with their opinion on how much better the IPS is? I mainly use the laptop for productivity software, presentations, architect. dwgs and plans, site plans, PDF creation etc, but also do a lot of photo editing for work and pleasure.


Display quality has always been very important to me, and it would be a hard pill to swallow a mediocre display to get the other great features the machine offers. The sample machine I tried was beside a MBP/Air display, and it was almost enough to make me want to drink the cool aid and move to the dark side - the difference was very large.


Can anyone compare the X220 IPS to MBP/Air displays, or a VIAO Z display?


Thanks very much in advance for any help and insight!


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Re: Would an IPS screen for an X220 make me overcome my disappointment with the stock display....

2012-03-16, 8:18 AM
Look at here:

Also, there are several similar videos.

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Re: Would an IPS screen for an X220 make me overcome my disappointment with the stock display....

2012-03-19, 12:00 PM
I have IPS and had a professional screen test (Sorry I just don't know the term in English, hope you get what I meant).

The result showed that the IPS screen is nearly perfect in color accuracy, the contrast is good but brightness is average. Sharpness is meaningless for a laptop screen because everything is digitally transmitted to screen. And I don't know what do you mean by "real estate orientation", if you mean by viewing angle it is perfect, with no color cast.

The original Lenovo screen is known to be blueish. And the IPS is not very comparable with Apple products, since Apple have a really high standard for screens. I don't know about Vaio Z but I guess it could only be better than X220 IPS on contrast and brightness.

Hope this helps.

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Re: Would an IPS screen for an X220 make me overcome my disappointment with the stock display....

2012-03-19, 14:37 PM
Some tests have shown the X220 IPS to have a moderate color gamut (65% of NTSC or something in that area).

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