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Punch Card
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Re: X Series Laptops Shipping discussion (2012)

another forum's member(s) are saying that they heard it is now said to be due to the Sandisk 256gb SSD.    me thinks it is all just talk.  those sales reps/customer service reps will say anything just to get us off the phone!


may i ask what y'all think?


i'm very frustrated as my x1 carbon, just this morning, completely disappeared from my Order Status page, even though the total price is still the entire total, i.e. ~$2,000.    what's up with that?!?    oh, you can charge me $2,000 but you're selling me a 90-watt charger and a usb keyboard accessory for ~$2,000? 


sheesh.   clueless company with horrendous customer service.

Core Memory
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Re: X Series Laptops Shipping discussion (2012)

And this is why I've been enjoying my ASUS UX32VD for just over 2 weeks. It's got 10G RAM and and a 512G SSD. Lenovo has lost me and my clients as a customer. Good luck everyone.

Blue Screen Again
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Re: X Series Laptops Shipping discussion (2012)

I ordered my X230t on Sept.4,2012, today is Sept. 12, I could not find out with anyone at Lenovo about what is going on my order, either online or by calling them.


I called the customers service rep and their superviser many times, the agents of Lenovo never been able to tell anything!!   Lenove's customer servce agent are not telling any truth, I got hold of the supervisor once, but he did not keep his promises to return my call!! And refuse to take calls since then!


- I never had such a bad experience with any company in Canada or USA

- It is very frastrating to deal with Lenovo!!!!

- It is wasting of my time to deal with Lenovo!!!


Lenove customer service is the worst compare with any other companies!!!! The service is really horrible!!!!!!! I am sure Lenovo  business reputation will go down day by day.

Fanfold Paper
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Re: X Series Laptops Shipping discussion (2012)

They offered me a $70 dollar discount and I told them that's not a lot of money to me. Then the rep offered me $100 dollar discount and I reiterated how little $100 means to me. This isn't even about money, it's about needing a laptop for work. Then the rep offered me $150 and a guareenteed shipping date.

Ugh, I need a firm ship date and was given the 16th. That would be fast enough I suppose. Now I'm getting a date even farther out than the 16th and can't do that.

I ordered 8/17 and have had zero proactive correspondence from lenovo regarding the issue. Stated my needs over the phone (I NEED a laptop on its way with a firm date), said we could cancel this and place an order for something else that doesn't have part shortages, but they aren't taking care of my needs.

All of these people everyone is talking to on the phone are just running interference for Lenovo and it's annoying the piss out of me. First time lenovo buyer. I might say "and last time" but everyone out there is dismal in one way or another but it's not looking like something that's going to happen anytime soon now.


So who's out there Lenovo? I have money, I need something that can actually be shipped.

Punch Card
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Re: X Series Laptops Shipping discussion (2012)

Yeah, the lack of any clear information is my biggest frustration on the X1C.  Twice now, my order has had an estimated shipping date that came and went with no shipment and no explanation.  All I want is a straight answer as to when it will ship so I can plan accordingly.

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Email received today re: my August 15 order

Thank you for your recent X1 purchase with Lenovo.
Unfortunately, your order has been delayed due to
a part constraint. We have received all parts and
are at this time working to get all orders out as
soon as possible. Currently all orders are
shipping between now and the week of September

We apologize for this inconvenience and thank you
for your time and patience in this matter.

To Check the Status of Your Order, please visit
"My Order Status" at

Please feel free to contact Lenovo with any
questions or concerns at

Thanks Again For Your Patience,

Lenovo Customer Service

Paper Tape
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Re: X Series Laptops Shipping discussion (2012)

Wanted to buy this laptop immediately for work since I was due for an upgrade. Now surprised that ship dates are a month out now with no end in sight. I don't understand why Lenovo can't ramp up production or find an alternate supplier. Our corporate sales site doesn't even list this option as being available either. I had to get a quote from a consumer rep for this product. Either way, I can't wait a month for a new laptop, so I'm going to bite the bullet and buy a retina macbook pro.



It pains me to say this, but if you announce, hype and tell everyone a product is ready to order, you better have enough inventory to meet demand.


I've been a loyal owner of Thinkpads for a while, but can't wait any longer:


Lenovo T42

Lenovo T60

Lenovo T60p

Lenovo X61t

Lenovo X300

Lenovo T420

Lenovo X201t





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Re: X Series Laptops Shipping discussion (2012)

My August 15 X1 Carbon order now shows a ship date of September 26.

Paper Tape
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Re: X Series Laptops Shipping discussion (2012)

HI @mark_Lenovo and Lenovo customer service


I ordered a new X1 Carbon (Order number: 4242100083) on August 21st for school. When I placed the order, the system said the item would ship out on August 23rd.  But it didnt. Since then the ship out date has moved to August 27th, Sept16, Sept 19th, Sept 20, Sept 25 and now somewhere in October (I wanted to check the last two days but the system has been down). The problem and delay obviously keeps moving forward. I was promised that it would ship out FOR SURE the week of the 16th. The latest "for sure" has moved to the week of the 24th. Meanwhile friends who ordered the same laptop after me have already received their order!


I simply cannot wait till October to get a machine. What are my options here? I need a resolution or I'll have to cancel and buy something else at a local Besy Buy (yes, I am that desperate). When I contacted my service rep via email about this she failed to get back to me. Two weeks later when I cced Lenovo custmer service, she responded immediately saying she was sorry and to be "patient." No resolution, nothing. I think I have been patient enough - now I want answers.  (I posted this twice last night - third time now)

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Re: X Series Laptops Shipping discussion (2012)

You have to determine what an acceptable resolution is for you (and one that is also realistic and possible for Lenovo to fulfill) and propose that. Otherwise you will continue to get "be patient."


Ask what the problem is. Would a slightly different configuration fix the issue (if they are waiting on a particular part) or would you be OK with a completely different system?


Only you can decide what you want as a resolution.

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