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Paper Tape
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Re: X Series Laptops Shipping discussion (2013)

Hi Bowdenct,


Unfortunately I am afraid that this message is not going to help to settle you down. I went through much the same process as you did after ordering my X1C on the 18th of January (Including an initial shipping date promise, various delays and adjustments to the dates, discount offers, forum posts and regular exchanges with various instances of what they call customer service at Lenovo) only to end up with the same deceptive conduct that you have referred to in your post. I finally received my X1C on Friday after more than 2 whole months and while I do have to admit that it is a nice device I am stil not convinced that it was all worth it. Unless they have managed to fix up their supply chain I don't think you will have your device at the time when you need it - sorry!

Paper Tape
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Re: X Series Laptops Shipping discussion (2013)

Thanks Paper Tape for the info
I spoke with a supervisor yesterday and again was told that the part they are missing (front shell) will be in at the end of the month and I will have my machine shipped by april10.....10 hours later my shipping date was moved to april 24.
The lies is unreal! I asked to speak with someone in the US. Lets see if I get a call! I will find another computer but I am like a dog with a bone and I don't want to let it go! Ultimately I am the person who orders computers for my company. This experience will mean me moving from Lenovo
Punch Card
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Re: X Series Laptops Shipping discussion (2013)

Ordered X1 Carbon Non-Touch on Outlet a Week ago.

Showed estimated ship date of 3 days out initially.

Never changed status for a week.

Received email this morning that it could be another 30 days.

Later today status show Canceled.

Just an unbelievable company.

I'm responsible for about 40 machines at work and we use Dell's and it would be an absolute nightmare dealing with this company for business.

It's a shame, because I do like the hardware.

And they seem to be getting worse.


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Punch Card
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Re: X Series Laptops Shipping discussion (2013)

Ordered new Carbon on ebay for nearly twice the price.


Never dealing with or


They are evil, they lie to your face, they could not be further from companies like Dell, Apple or Amazon


What's DOS?
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Re: X Series Laptops Shipping discussion (2013)


I got an exact same situation as you!!!

I ordered the X1C non-touch version on 3.29

First email saying that it will be shipped on 4.2 Never happened.

Later, got an email saying it will be delayed for 30 days. Then today when I called a Lenovo customer service, he said my order was cancelled. I asked why it's cancelled. He said the parts for the one I ordered is not available anymore. What a liar!! Just go to Lenovo's website, X1C is still available for order!!


The very possible reason I guess is the outlet website took several orders for the same unit. And Lenovo doesn't want to honor their orders!! 

Hey, Lenovo, it's your system's fault, not ours, we just try to get a deal from your online store. And if you can't honor your order, why bother? 


And sadly, the story doesn't just end here. Just couple days after ordering the X1C, I also ordered a thinkpad tablet2. Today I got the delivery, instead of the tablet, they sent me a LAPTOP in the box. What a JOKE!!! And the customer service told me it will take them two b-days to get back to me. Lenovo, thank you, that's really quick!!! So the online ordering website, the customer service, the shipping.... what a joke!!!


What's DOS?
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Re: X Series Laptops Shipping discussion (2013)

Look like everyone is having the same issues.  I order my X1C touch on 3/14.  I got an email on 4/16 saying that my order had been delayed and they expect shipment within 30 days.  I emailed to ask what caused the delay and of course I didn't get any sort of specific response.  I got, "This is our number one system, different configurations, or parts holds could be the cause fo the delay."  So, in other words, they have no idea.  I have been a promoter of Lenovo in the past, but the company seems to have gone down hill fast.  The customer service responses have been terrible and they can't provide the product people have ordered.  Terrible.

Paper Tape
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Re: X Series Laptops Shipping discussion (2013)

Look at my thread about No one cares at customer service.   


My story starts on Feb5th when I placed the order.   The unit was faulty and sent back right away......they forgot about me and now it is almost May ... 3 months later and still no laptop. 

Token Ring
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Re: X Series Laptops Shipping discussion (2013)

x131e (Intel) w/ no modifications

Ordered: 2013/05/22

Shipped via UPS to Canada: 2013/05/24

Est. Delivery: 2013/06/02

(I'm assuming it might arrive earlier)



Paper Tape
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Re: X Series Laptops Shipping discussion (2013)

X1 Carbon CTO

i7 8GB 256 SSD

Ordered 5/14

Shipped 5/18

Delivered 5/23


Amazing machine

only thing i dont like is screen door effect but i am over it......

Paper Tape
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Re: X Series Laptops Shipping discussion (2013)

X1 Carbon Touch

i5 4gb 128gb SSD


Ordered: 5/14

Estimated Ship Date: 6/3

Actual Ship Date: 5/25

Delivered: TBD

Date I remove protective screen door film: TBD



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