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Fanfold Paper
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Re: X Series Laptops Shipping discussion (2013)

I'm now a member of customized lenovo x1 carbon. I just ordered one for $1816.82  and hopefully I can get mine before summer! ^^

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Community SuperMod
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Available Buy: X1CTouch i7 / 8 mb / 128 gig solid state

Punch Card
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Re: X Series Laptops Shipping discussion (2013)

I have the same part number and mine is a touch.


I just got mine on the 30th, after ordering it on 16Dec.


All I can say, is that although it was frustrating, it was worth the wait. And win8, even though, I'm trying to work through lerning the new interface, is a million times more functional, with the touchscreen.


I had the issue, with the wifi disconnecting and not re-initialising, but using the Intel Driver, as suggested in another post, quickly alleviated the issue.



Punch Card
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Re: X Series Laptops Shipping discussion (2013)

I ordered my X1CT on Dec 13th and received it on Jan 30th. Everything works perfectly, including the USB 3.0 docking station.

What's DOS?
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Re: X Series Laptops Shipping discussion (2013)

UK based customer order X1 Carbon customized on 9th January 2013, made a courtesy telephone call on same day to ensure Lenovo had received the order and that everything was fine and they confirmed Yes.. 4 Weeks later I just received the following email from Lenovo (Extract below) and I am really disapointed. I even contacted them about this and the rep just couldnt believe it. He said someone would call me. Still 2 days later and no-one has called me. This is terrible customer service.


We are contacting you in relation to your recently placed order on the Lenovo Online Store.


Unfortunately, the product you ordered, X1 Carbon, has been cancelled due to a failure in our order system. We regret any inconvenience this may cause. Please note you have not been charged for this order.


We apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused. Please note, you will receive an automated email to confirm the cancellation of your order.



Pearl McDonagh

Lenovo Online Store

Customer Service



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Re: X Series Laptops Shipping discussion (2013)

One of the most annoying (and the easiest to solve) problems is that of unkept promises. Any western business understands that if you tell a customer (already disgruntled) that you'll call them back in two days then you had better call them back. If that customer has to call you back and is again told "we'll call you in two days" then they will get even madder.


A mad customer goes on the internet and tells any many strangers as they can.


Yes, things fall through cracks and are forgotten, but that is why call centers employ computer systems to remind them of these promises. Given the sheer volume of the same complaints here about unkept promises to call back from numerous call centers, it appears that this is company policy and not some rare exception.


Quite simply, anyone can make a mistake but if these these clowns were working for me they would all be looking for new jobs.

Paper Tape
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Re: X Series Laptops Shipping discussion (2013)

Update as of 06FEB2013:


Lenovo shipped my i7/8GB/128GB X1 Carbon Touch via UPS World Ease - it was here before 10:30am (10:25, to be precise).


I'm absolutely ecstatic that it finally arrived (after 42 days of waiting). Really, I am.


Unfortunately, there is a single dead pixel (and it is rather noticeable, especially when one is on the start screen.


I dialed support and talked with someone extremely helpful in Atlanta, Georgia.

So they're going to send me a box to send the laptop to them... and I should have it back within a week.


What's another seven days, right?


(posted from my X1 Carbon Touch)

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Re: X Series Laptops Shipping discussion (2013)

you need 3 dead pixels to qualify for a screen replacement. You should just get a replacement.


Just sayin'

Punch Card
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Re: X Series Laptops Shipping discussion (2013)

I have to ask this, since I'm a bit confused...


I received my X1CT last week, that was ordered on Dec 16th. I do have a couple problems, NOT related to the machine's perfromance.


1. During the delay, of the shipping of my X1CT. The price of the same machine was lower at some point, before my machine shipped. I contacted customer service and was told that they would price match it, upon confirmation of the shipment of my X1CT. I contacted Customer Service last week, to which I received an eamil saying that it was being processed and I would be contacted in 2 business days. It's been 7 business days, and I have not heard from anyone after repeated email attempts after the 2 day period had elapsed. Does anyone have any way to get a hold of ANYONE?


2. My extended warranty has appears to not have been applied to my laptop. How do I get that to register?


3. Has anyone recieved the email about the complimentary 12 month membership to Skype Premium?


I'm literally tired of contacting customer service for this machine, because apparently, they don't seem to get anything correct. I've had Lenovo Thinkpads since they pruchased the division from IBM and this is the worst service I have seen and unfortunately it seems to correlate to the using of an outsourced helpdesk.


I can't wait til my warranty is registered so that I can deal with the IBM services helpdesk instead.



Paper Tape
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Re: X Series Laptops Shipping discussion (2013)

Just thought I would share an extract of my recent experiences with Lenovo here. After voicing my concerns about the delay, dishonesty and misconduct of Lenovo in an e-mail to them, I was palmed off with a 50$ voucher from an automated e-mail...all I wanted was some honesty from the company and proper customer service from a business that charges for a proper premium product. (To be honest, I do not even think that anybody took the time to read my e-mail) - Does anybody have any thoughts on how to treat the situation?


Dear David,

Thank you for your email. We appreciate your feedback. We apologise again for the delay and inconveniences caused to you. We would like to offer a discount of $50 (inc GST) off your next purchase. we will pass a e-coupon to you after this order shipment, you can call our sales by 1300 557 073 option 1 and pass the code to sales to get 50 dollars off for next purchase. The offer will be valid until March 31st, 2014 and valid for an order with total amount of at least $51. Thank you.

ANZ Customer Fulfillment
Global Supply Chain. Asia Pacific. Lenovo.
1 300 557 073, Option 2 (Australia)
0 800 446 833, Option 5 (New Zealand)  

Should you have any other questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us again, or should you prefer to speak to a ThinkPC Sales Specialist, please dial 1300-557-073, Monday through Friday, from 9:00am to 5:00pm(AU). A representative would be pleased to assist you.








Dear Sir or Madam,
I trust that this finds the right person with regard to the aggravating matter that I am currently experiencing.
As a long-term private and professional customer of IBM/Lenovo, I am truly disappointed that Lenovo seems to have lost both its quality and customer service commitments. It is difficult for me to convince an organisation like the university that I am currently working for that Lenovo products are superior to other brands when products fall short of quality expectations and the associated response from Lenovo is dismal (The same goes for our students who had to witness me failing to deliver a class as a result of a Lenovo product failure). It is no surprise that organisations like ours, as well as my family business, now prefer to deal with manufacturers like Dell or Apple as they seem to remember that the customer is actually a priority.
However, before going further into detail about the consequences of the inconsistent and disappointing quality and customer service standards of Lenovo, let me start by giving you an overview of two recent examples of my encounters with Lenovo.
In March of 2012 I ordered a Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet-LENOVO 18382EM ThinkPad Tablet 10.1" Multitouch 32GB WiFi+3G HDMI Android 3.1 as well as the matching Folio Case with Keyboard-Lenovo 0A3637. I was happy to see that Lenovo had caught up with the trend and delivered a product that was technologically superior to most things on the market even if it did come with the usual Lenovo premium price. However, I could not have been more wrong in my expectations. Upon receiving the two items the first thing that I had to notice was that the folio case did not as promised by the company contain an additional battery. This expectation may have been based on an early prototype that I viewed on the Youtube-channel of Lenovo which may have later turned out to be too costly or technically difficult for the consumer market, but it strikes me that competitors like Asus managed to have such technology out and functional before Lenovo at a substantially lower price. In any case I was happy to receive the tablet and although it was fairly inconsistent in performance, the features generally compensated for any shortcomings. However, another major issue was soon to reveal itself – the charging of the tablet. With the delivered charger, the charging of the tablet soon became impossible and since there was no alternative way of supplying the device with energy, I soon had to discontinue using it at all. The actual charging jack already seemed wobbly on arrival of the tablet and it took less than 3 weeks from arrival to complete failure of the product. Unfortunately Lenovo was not prepared to provide me with any pick-up and delivery support or any other reconciling measures, and I decided to pass the problem tablet to an associate on my next trip to Germany. My associate, who is a bit more tech-savvy than me and who had the added opportunity of a Lenovo flagship store at his doorstep in Berlin took on the case only to be confronted with a maze of distorted information, lagging customer support and seemingly deceptive conduct by Lenovo. Upon doing some research, he found out that this was not an isolated case and that many customers of Lenovo who had bought the same “class leading” tablet were confronted with the same problem. This should not happen when you buy and pay for a premium product. In any case, upon finally admitting that the problem was not user associated but rather a manufacturing fault and ultimately sending in the tablet, he received a tablet with a new motherboard a week later. He tested and worked with the tablet for a while before another flaw became apparent – the on/off switch of the device was failing. Another trip to your representatives and another week later he had the device back and it was ‘functional’ again only to find that the Sim card reader was now failing and the 3G functionality of the device was compromised. After another trip to the dealer and the replacement of another motherboard, the device was finally functional as it was originally intended, except that the charger was unrealistically slow, a circumstance that could only be remedied with the purchase of a charging station. Does this sound like the premium experience that you promise your customers?
Although I was still working on a Lenovo notebook I was at this point ready to give up on the company. However, my interest was reawakened when the X1 Carbon was released. I had been eying off other ultrabooks, yet the X1 Carbon once again seemed to be the most versatile and functional product on the market and I was convinced that a niche in which Lenovo was probably one of the most experienced suppliers in the market would not be associated with the teething pains that your company felt in the tablet market (although again Lenovo should have had plenty of experience in tablet computing). The X1 Carbon promises superior design and functionality features as well as the built quality of Lenovo notebooks. Having made my decision and excited about the promise of an ‘8day shipping’ timeframe as per the Lenovo (Australia) shop website I called the Lenovo sales team on the 17th of January 2013 to place my order (Order Number: XYZ) for an X1 Carbon Multitouch Ultrabook. Upon inquiry of shipment times on the phone I was informed that shipping would take 2.5 weeks instead of the promised 8 days due to “The Chinese New Year and the factory closing” according to your sales staff. Slightly disappointed, but nonetheless still positively excited about the prospect of receiving the new device, I settled for the new delivery date which should have been about now according to the information provided. Out of curiosity as to the progress, I checked the progress tracking website provided in the confirmation e-mail a few days later to find an estimated shipping date set for the 31st of January with estimated delivery on the 7th of February. Again this was slightly later than anticipated after the order placement, but not entirely concerning. However, when I found two days later that the shipping and delivery date had both been removed and there was not further indication of the fact that I was going to receive this device anytime soon, I started to worry especially given the fact that I have to go to Germany on an extended business trip in 5 days which was part of the reason why I wanted this ultrabook. Upon calling your sales support on Wednesday of last week (30th of January) I was told that there were supplier issues and that I should call back on Monday or Tuesday to find out more. Not only was I made to feel like I was bothering your staff about something that I had no right to inquire about, but I also was left to determine the progress on the situation myself. Correct me if I am wrong, but would you not expect a premium brand to do what is within their power to inform their customer of any issues associated with shipping and the timely delivery of their products? Very disgruntled about the treatment and another delay, I did some research of my own on the weekend and stumbled over this thread in your forums: The thread documents in detail that these shipping issues associated with the X1 Carbon are not a matter of recent occurrence, but rather that they have been ongoing for at least 3 months now. Unless Lenovo and its sales team are entirely oblivious to its supply chain management and its customers, this means that your company was well aware of the fact that you were never going to be able to deliver the device in the timeframe promised at the time that this promise was made. Furthermore, I was disappointed to find that the X1 Carbon seemed to have similar teething pains to the tablet story described above, with many customers describing problems with their Wi-Fi as well as the Touch Screens. Also, I found one comment that described the touchpad as rubbery instead of glassy as promised – was this another pre-manufacture highlight feature that Lenovo used to lure its customers in Youtube videos and the early reviews, but could not ultimately deliver in the consumer products? Why does Lenovo continue to advertise and feature products that they cannot bring to market? This is truly disappointing. Disheartened by the information I discovered and outraged by the deceiving misconduct that Lenovo had displayed I tried to clarify the situation during another call to your sales support staff this morning. The lady on the phone could neither tell me when my device was going to be built, nor shipped nor when it would arrive. Furthermore, she was in no position to comment on any of the matters that I was seeking to clarify and seemed entirely uninclined to do anything to reconcile this situation. The only thing she offered me was to write an e-mail to this address with my problem and to hope for reconciliation/compensation – so here is to hoping that Lenovo will finally get something right. Again, I am left to chase my own solution to a problem that is clearly caused by your operations.
I am writing to see what you can do to restore my faith in your brand and your products? What can you offer me to compensate me for the many unfortunate situations that your service and products have caused in the past (only some of which are described above) and incline me to remain a customer of Lenovo in the future? At this point in time this is the final straw and unless a suitable and mutually satisfying solution can be found I will no longer consider Lenovo products even if they promise to be ‘market leading’.
I hope that I have been able to paint a clear picture of my situation, the problems and the reasons for my disappointment with your business operations, but I am more than happy to discuss this in further detail over the phone if necessary. I look forward to a timely response.

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