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Paper Tape
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Re: X Series Laptops Shipping discussion (2013)

Another interesting forum on the same topic with more frustrated ex-lenovo loyalists, when is it going to end?:

Blue Screen Again
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Re: X Series Laptops Shipping discussion (2013)

I ordered a ThinkPad Carbon Touch on January 9, 2013 the estimated ship date was January 20.  It was shipped yesterday February 6 with an estimated delivery date of February 11.  Lenovo during this period must have changed my ship date at least 20 times sometimes the ship date changed up to 3 times a day.  I was always joking with my friends that Lenovo tells me my laptop is going to ship tomorrow which is "always a day away", since it seemed like every day they just moved the expected ship date out one day to tomorrow.  


I ended up calling Lenovo 3 times over this period.  The first time January 22 the customer service rep said my laptop will be shipped out with 48 hours (I believe the expected ship date was stated for January 21 but it still said it was in production).  


The second time I called January 24 the customer service rep said they were experiencing delays from an unexpected high number of orders but my laptop will ship by the end of the month and he will personally email the factory and tell them to ship my order ASAP (I believe this call was placed because Lenovo changed my expected ship date to sometime in February and I panicked).  


The third time I called was January 29, I told the customer service that over the weekend Lenovo had changed my expected ship date on average 3 times a day from tomorrow (meaning that whatever day it was it said it would ship the next day) to February 4 and it kept switching back and forth between these dates.  I told the customer service rep that I was very disappointed in the customer service and I want an honest answer for when my laptop will ship.  I told him I lived 5 minutes from an apple store and could have a comparable apple product for a similar price within 5 minutes (I didn't tell him I don't personally like apple products and wouldn't ever buy one but I just wanted to make a point).  I told him if it will be a while I probably will want to cancel my order and go with another product.  I also expressed concerns for future customer service and how I was worried that if my laptop ever had a problem Lenovo may not be able to fix it in a timely matter.  The customer service rep told me my laptop was already completed and ready to ship and he would put my name on a priority list and personally email the factory.  After speaking to the customer service rep I participated in survey on the call and left a message saying I am disappointed in the information regarding ship dates Lenovo was giving me and really want an honest answer to when my laptop will ship.  A few hours later I received an email saying they were experiencing delays and my order will be shipped the week of February 8.  I was quite upset with this email but figured calling customer service again would not help.


Over the next few days the expected ship date of my order was again always posted for tomorrow (each day the expected ship date just moved out a day).  I figured what was the point in calling again because the customer service reps didn’t know when the laptop would ship any better than me.


One thing I want to say is that the customer service reps were always very polite.



The UPS website says my laptop will arrive tomorrow February 8, by 10:30 AM but the Lenovo website says the delivery date in February 11.  I am assuming UPS is not taking into account customs.  When I do get my laptop I will let you guys know.



Punch Card
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Re: X Series Laptops Shipping discussion (2013)

I ordered my X1CT i7/8GB/240GB on Jan. 8, shipped on Feb. 6, and got it on Feb. 8.


Currently everything works perfect. I didn't experience any issue reported here.


The build quality is quite good. No gap, no distrotion, etc.


Touch screen works flawless. I also noticed a plastic film on it.


I don't know whether the trackpad is glass of rubber. It feels actually better than Macbook Air.


It's worth the waiting.


Hope you guys get yours soon!



Punch Card
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Re: X Series Laptops Shipping discussion (2013)

Wow why would they cancel a sale. I am one of the lucky ones. Although it took 6 weeks I received mine and it has been working very well the last couple of weeks. I love the USB 3.0 port replicator as well. Having two screens helps productivity. Quality is excellent and it is lightning fast with the i7, 8 gigs of RAM, 256 gig SSD. I hope you are able to get expedited delivery on a new order.
Blue Screen Again
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Re: X Series Laptops Shipping discussion (2013)

Update: I received my X1 Carbon touch Friday 2/8. So far it is working great.
What's DOS?
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Re: X Series Laptops Shipping discussion (2013)

Is anyone still having shipping problems with Lenovo? I ordered an X1ct on 12/21/2012, and it shipped on 1/31/2013. However, I was originally at home for break when I ordered it, and was assured that if it did not get to me on time, I could just place a re-route request to my other address. Needless to say, I was off of winter break by the time the computer was shipped, so I placed a re-route on the day I got the shipment confirmation (like the post sales team told me to). However, the re-route request failed and the computer was sent to my old address. Customer service told me to tell my family at my old address to reject the shipment, so that the computer could be sent back to the Lenovo warehouse for a re-ship... which is what I told my family to do. Customer service told me they could not place a re-ship request until the computer reached their warehouses, so I waited a few days for it to reach North Carolina. Called customer service the day it was delivered to a warehouse in North Carolina, and everything seemed well; the representative left me a confirmation voice mail stating the reship request had been placed. 

I called back a day later to ask about the progress on the re-ship, but the representative sounded really confused. He had never seen the address of the warehouse it was sent to and did not recognize the person that signed for the package. Turns out, the computer was sent to what they call a "third party warehouse." He said he couldn't retrieve the package and offered a refund, however when I spoke to the supervisor, the supervisor said he could try and retrieve the package for me. I spent the next week or so calling the customer service department and waiting for them to get my computer from this mysterious "third party warehouse."

Finally, I spoke with a representative that actually revealed what the "third party warehouse" was; apparently it is Lenovo's outlet warehouse and he told me they had probably sold my computer to someone else already. All they offered me was a refund and asked me to order another X1ct (which has an estimated shipping time of another 4 weeks). 

I am really disappointed in Lenovo for making a lot of false promises and hiding the truth of the "third party warehouse" for so long when the representatives clearly knew what it was all along.

Any suggestions of what to do next? I really wanted to stay with lenovo, but since I needed a new computer 2 months ago, I'm not sure I can wait any longer for the X1ct (especially without any kind of compensation for this ordeal). I am considering the Asus zenbook touch, or even the taichi, whenever the 31 (13 inch) version comes out.

What's DOS?
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Re: X Series Laptops Shipping discussion (2013)

x1 carbon touch


Outrageous actually. Ordere Jan 28 - Estimated ship date: Feb 9 (to seal the order... bait and switch? Yeah really sneaky)


Then a week later the est ship date changed to Feb 19. On Feb 20 I emailed support as no change was displayed in the order status page and they told me the new estimated ship date is now Feb 28... **bleep** Lenovo...


Unacceptable. This is sooooo bush league. If it doesn't get here on Feb 26 I'm just going to cancel and get a stupid apple air ...the same day for less... and that will be the end of the long line of ibm/lenovo loyalty for good.



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Re: X Series Laptops Shipping discussion (2013)

Hey folks - I suspect that Lenovo is having issues sourcing their SSDs. (although I have nothing logical to back that up) regardless...


I was also quite irritated on the **4 week delivery time - so, I went looking elsewhere.

I just purchased mine off eBay (from bizetronixusa - I hope it's OK I listed that vendor, please remove if not).  I noticed there were a few Lenovo authorized resellers, and they sell new.


The lenovo outlet would have some pretty well equipped units show up, but I just wasn't ready to pull the trigger.


Lastly - Amazon also had vendors with the X1 in stock, but the prices seemed rather ordinary.

What's DOS?
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Re: X Series Laptops Shipping discussion (2013)

I ordered mine the 2013/02/13.


As today, it's still in production...after more than a month. X230.


It is passed the delivery date too.


Part Number
Unshipped Quantity
Ship Date
Delivery Date
In Production
ThinkPad X230 - 1 Yr Depot



It is customized, but not that much : just the dock, an i7, the 9 cells battery, smartcard reader and the slice battery.


Also, I got a lot of authorization charge holds since I ordered it.  All disapeared, but still, I find that weird.


I begin to ask myself if I'll ever receive it before the end of March...

Paper Tape
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Re: X Series Laptops Shipping discussion (2013)

I ordered my Carbon Touch March 3 2013...

Before I ordered I had a long discussion with a sales rep about shipping and was guaranteed a delievery date of March 26. I need the computer for a new job which starts on April 3. 

After I ordered I got an email that said the deilvery day was not APril 15. I immedately called and again was reassured to disreguard the email and my computer was on an expediated ticket and would be shipped out. 

A week later I was still worried as I hard nothing and called again. Again I was told my computer was expediated and would be shipped any time. 

Finally on Friday I called again to ask if I was to recieve it on 3/26 how could it still not be shipped. She said that April 15 is only a possibility but it could be shipped anytime. I told her I was guaranteed a delivery and she said Lenovo does not do that.

I was so fustrated. I said so I have been lied to initially to make an order and continued to be lied to to keep the order. SHe did not respond but offered me a 5% discount. 

Then I found this thread and I have to say afte rusing Lenovo's for my business and myself I am disgusted by the balent dishonesty and lying by customer service. 

Its a disgrace 

At this stage I will look for another computer and cancel my order next week becuase I am certain will not be shipped. and looking at this thread I will be lucky to get it by May....



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