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X-series appreciation thread

As many find their way to these forums for problem resolution, some posting negative thoughts, I opened this thread to express my complete satisfaction with the Thinkpad X61. It's not a review of any sort, just a post giving full kudos to Lenovo for a well-designed and solidly built machine with all the bells and whistles needed for anyone conducting serious or casual business.

I recently took possession of the X61 7675-92U w/T7500 (2.2GHz CPU) with the Ultrabase and can't get over how well this little machine performs. For a seasoned traveller, this machine is small enough to carry around without any thoughts or consideration to weigh, yet it performs comfortably at par with the more "powerful" T-series sibblings and sits comfortably on any desk for some serious number-crunching or a little distraction. I had a T61 before this and I can honestly state that this little X61 is not only a great performer, but is also a solidly built machine, loaded with all sorts of connectivity solutions and running as cool as a cucumber - and surprisingly, there's nothing lost in having a lower resolution screen.

So here's a two-thumbs up to Lenovo for putting together a fantastic system in a tiny package!

(To moderators: appologies if it's not the appropriate forum for such as post).

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Re: X61 appreciation thread

you might consider changine the title of this thread for the benefit of all X series since there are other X owners who are happy with their machines.   while i'm quite pleased with my X61 (7675-59U), i'm even more so with my X300. Smiley Wink

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Re: X61 appreciation thread

 ... you're right!! I hadn't even thought of the happy users of other X series systems! Smiley Surprised

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Re: X-series appreciation thread

icantux wrote:

(To moderators: appologies if it's not the appropriate forum for such as post).

Absolutely not necessary, it's about the X-Series in the X-Series board.
I have seen X number of X-Series over several years; I must say it is the series which presents the least number of problems for me. The predecessor 240 was just as reliable and equally fantastic.
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Re: X-series appreciation thread

i like my X31 very much, small and nimble, it weighs less than the Textbook i use to carry around the University campus. It was really a dream machine, the only benefit of my T40 has the larger keyboard and screen, apart from that most of the spec is the same.

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