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X1 (2014) Display port and HDMI at same time

I'm considering buying the 2014 X1 with the HD+ display and the Intel 4400 graphics, and trying to figure out how much external display I can drive. A few questions:


1. With the the built-in display disabled, if I use the MiniDP to drive one external display, can I use the HDMI at the same time to drive a 2nd external display?


2. If so, with the MiniDP is driving a 2560 x 600 display, what is the maximum resolution that the HDMI can drive?


3. Same as Q1 above, but with the built-in display enabled


4. Same as Q2 above, but with the built-in display enabled


I'd prefer to avoid using a docking station if possible. 


I've talked to four different departments at Lenovo, and failed to get answers to these questions. Doubly frustrating because I worked a IBM PC division Monitor Development  department 15 years ago..







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Microsoft MVP Contributor
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Re: X1 (2014) Display port and HDMI at same time

1. From memory, since i don't have the machine in front of me. You can use both the miniDP and HDMI at the same time, while still use the internal display.

2. When miniDP is driving the QHD+, the HDMI which is 1.4 standards, can drive another one at QHD+.

3. You can drive 3 x QHD+, if you have the QHD+ internal screen, and two QHD+ connected through HDMI and miniDP.

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