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Paper Tape
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X1 5th Gen Lenovo Vantage won't launch

Yesterday I tried to launch Lenovo Vantage, as I do periodically, to check if there is anything I should install (although I have it set to auto update). The Vantage in my Add/Remove list is dated September, 2018. I have Win10 Pro Build 1803. (I have not received 1809 yet.) When I try to launch Vantage, I get a message to download the latest version. After I do that and try to run the installation, I get a message stating that "Vantage has Encountered a Problem" and goes on to state that the user can either try again or restart and try again. I have made numerous attempts with the same result. Lenovo tech support says I should buy a software warranty and then it will try to fix the problem. (I bought the extended warranty when I bought the X1 Carbon. It runs until 2020. I am an experienced user, former software developer, and have done professional tech support. I will withhold comment on Lenovo expecting me to buy a new warranty to solve a problem like this.


Have you encountered this problem? Do you have a suggested solution?

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Re: X1 5th Gen Lenovo Vantage won't launch

Have you tried the below?  Sorry if you did this already.


Uninstall Lenovo Vantage and Lenovo System Interface Foundation. After reboot install Lenovo Vantage from Microsoft store again, but not Lenovo System Interface Foundation. After opening Lenovo Vantage, there will be a link to latest Lenovo System Interface Foundation , download(should be version and install it. 


Also to uninstall Lenovo System Interface Foundation see below


See if that fixes your problem.

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I do not work for, nor do I speak for Lenovo. I will not respond to unsolicited private messages. Questions belong in the forum so it may help other forum members as well.
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Paper Tape
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Re: X1 5th Gen Lenovo Vantage won't launch

I missed your post at the time it was posted. Recently I received a Lenovo support survey, and I thought I had better check the forum before responding. I had intended to download the current Vantage from the MS Store, but I did not know anything about the System Foundation Interface. I set a Restore Point and then followed your recommendation. What do you know -- a whole new Vantage! Everything seems to be in order. Thanks very much!

I still plan to give a negative response to the survery. It was a follow-up to a Chat session in which the agent (1) Should have made the suggestion you did, but did not. (2) Tried to upsell me on a "Software Warranty. (I have the 3-year Lenovo Extended Warranty on my machine, which Lenovo apparently considers a "Hardware Warranty.") I consider the implementation of a "Software Warranty" to solve the problem of Vantage suddenly going south to be a tacky insult to the intelligence of users and a stain on the integrity of Lenovo.

I notice Lenovo also uses the new Vantage to upsell -- notably  a password manager and a VPN.

OK. Flame off.

Thanks again.

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