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X1 6th Gen: Thunderbolt 3 dock problems: crazy keyboard & mouse, stuttering camera, crackling audio

I have a X1 6th Gen. Recently I got two different Thunderbolt 3 docks. Work gave me a Kensington one. I bought a Caldigit one for home.


I have them connected via the diagrams below - basically through my monitors as usb Hubs. (nBoth docks have similar problems:


1. Keyboard repeats keys:

2. Mouse randomly pauses:

3. Web cam stuters:

4. USB Head set crackles

5. Sometimes my laptop hard freezes requiring a hard reboot. Yuck.


There's even more USB devices (phone, etc) but they're more "optional" than than mouse/keyboard/webcam/headset. 


When i connect them directly to the docks, there's no (maybe fewer?) problems. 


Has this happened to anyone else? It feels like an X1 problem since this repros with two different monitors and two different docks. A few other coworkers have reported weird issues as well with their X1 and the docks.


TB3 Dock problem.png


TB3 Dock problem.png

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Re: X1 6th Gen: Thunderbolt 3 dock problems: crazy keyboard & mouse, stuttering camera, cracklin

I've been troubleshooting similar issues.


1.  The First X1 Problem - It does not support active Thunderbolt 3 cables.   You have to use a passive cable.  (.7 meters and shorter)  The active cables will connect and then lead to cascading failures and even crash the machine.  Come on Lenovo, you have the chipset required for active cables, just issue a patch!


2.  The Second X1 Problem - A docked X1 scrambles Logitech unify dongles attached to the dock.  A Dell XPS and a Macbook pro can both use my CalDigit dock with ZERO problems.  If I use the Lenovo X1, I have to move my Logitech unify receiver at least a foot from the dock with a USB extension cord.  Otherwise, the mouse and keyboard lag, freeze and repeat keys.  The literature seems to indicate that it is the USB 3.0 active ports on the dock interfering with the 2.4 GHz Logitech wireless protocol.  My colleagues have also had to relocate their keyboard and mouse receiver away from the hubs.  This is not necessary with the Macbooks or Dell XPS.  That is the strange part.


3.  The second problem is not limited to the CalDigit Dock -- We have tested other thunderbolt 3 hubs.  All but the Lenovo branded dock required moving the USB Logitech receiver.


4.  Buying Lenovo X1 Docks is not a good solution. -- This situation stinks as most of my staff prefer the x1s, but we don't want to have USB extension cords draped across the desks hoping for a clear signal.  We further don't want to buy all new Thunderbolt 3 docks since the Lenovo Thunderbolt 3 docks do not work with the Macs for multi-monitor extended desktops.  

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Re: X1 6th Gen: Thunderbolt 3 dock problems: crazy keyboard & mouse, stuttering camera, cracklin

I have been experiencing mouse/keyboard freeze for a really long time. But since my mouse and keyboard are connected using Bluetooth, I never considiered it a problem related to the dock, until I upgraded the Dock frameware today and it seems to be fixing the issue.


I am using ThinkPad Pro Docking Station with a 4k external monitor, and I always thought it was the 4k monitor that causes this issue.

Paper Tape
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Re: X1 6th Gen: Thunderbolt 3 dock problems: crazy keyboard & mouse, stuttering camera, cracklin

Seeing similar issues on an X1 Extreme, no dock but using TB for an eGPU.


Near my return window and getting ready to send it back. 


I'm running an eGPU (Core X) with P6000 and I have a Dell U3415w with the following connected (DP and USB 3 connections) in the built-in USB hub: wired Logitech G502 mouse, Wireless Microsoft Scult Keyboard, Xbox360 controller, wireless Anker ergo mouse.


The level of weird s*** happening is baffling.


I had the following configuration:


Laptop --> USB 3 hub --> monitor (4 devices) & USB hub (USB 3 network adapter, scanner, and a few other devices attached)


Endless problems.  The mouse would drop in and out.  The keyboard would repeat.  All very inconsistent.  On top of that, the computer monitors won't turn off when the keyboard is plugged in (although I did discover that my desktop which I upgraded to Windows 10 at the same time I bought the X1E started having the standby issue at the same time as well).


Things I've done:

Disabled USB selective suspend

Disabled Power management on USB devices (device manager, advanced options for each device)

Update the bios and all drivers

Tried other USB hubs including USB 2 hubs (the net result is the same)

Disabled power management for the USB hub inside of the monitor

Updating firmware on the mouse

Lowering the polling rate on the mouse to 125/250

Moving the receiver for wireless devices (I'm now well versed in the 2.4GHZ problems with USB3; this was never a problem before and my monitor has a port dedicated to this to avoid these issues)


I then unplugged all other devices from the X1E and connected the monitor directly to the X1E.


All devices work properly - BUT, after a full day of work, the keyboard started repeating (hit d once and you get ddddddddddddddddddddddd until you hit another key).  No change in devices, the keyboard just started repeating in the middle of typing in my workday.


a) If I move the USB dongle of the keyboard to the laptop, it then it works fine.

b) If I unplug the USB dongle and plug it back in the same spot, it DOES NOT work correctly and will repeat within a few seconds.

c) If I reboot the computer with the USB dongle in the SAME spot (in the monitor), it works.


My very last effort was to enable legacy mode for Thunderbolt and to disable fast boot in Windows 10.


I was able to daisy chain 3 usb hubs (X1E --> hub --> monitor and hub) and set the polling rate back to 1000 on the mouse.  We'll see if it lasts the day.  I've thought I've fixed everything about 5 times now and it just stops working correctly a day or two later.


I bought the X1 to replace a w530 which still works great and has never had ANY of these issues with the exact same setup (the staggering 45 minute battery life and 8 pound monster is not really travel capable though).


Thunderbolt docks, peripherals, hubs, etc. from ALL manufacturers are littered with terrible reviews and connectivity problems with USB devices.  I don't know if its a problem with chipsets, hardware, or what.  But there aren't really any better options in this machine class (XPS 13/15 owners all report similar problems with Dell docks, is littered with similar stuttering issues as well).  Logitech just doesn't support your device unless you plug in directly into the computer (no docks, hubs, etc. 


What's the solution?  I have no idea.  Most people are fine, but if you get the wrong dock or the wrong combination of hardware, you lose the lottery.  My plan is to send it back and hold on to my w530 for a while longer.

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