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Paper Tape
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Re: X1 6th Gen touchpad problem

Concerning the Linux experience I want to add something.

The linux test was as follows: At a time when the touchpad was not working properly, I booted linux and the touchpad was crazy (jumpin, clicking, even more strange than it was under windows. BTW: The USB mouse was working fine).

At a period where the touchpad was good for several hours, I also started linux, and the touchpad was working fine under linux as well. Today I have issues again, booting linux and again crazy behaviour of the touchpad.

So there is a correlation: "it's not working under windows -> it's not working under linux" and "it's woking under windows so it does under linux".

Another thing I found out: My trackpoint was also sometimes really bad when the touchpad was bad (also jumping etc.), sometimes it worked a lot better than the touchpad. No clear correlation.

My personal summary:

1) The touchpad sometimes works properly, sometimes having issues. Restart can help (sometimes fully solving the problem, sometimes only making it better). There is no clear reason what starts the problems or what induces the problems to occur.

2) If the problem ist there under windows, it is also there under linux (and vice versa: windows working -> linux working)

3) The problem can not be caused by the hardware touchpad (as several replacements of touchpads of different users did not solve the problems, at least not for a long time).


What conclusions can be drawn from that?

From 1) There is a cause which starts the problem which is not known yet.

From 2) It's not the drivers because it is seen under different operating systems (or do they have the same drivers?)

From 3) It is not the hardware touchpad.


So I am kind of confused. On the one hand it seems that it is not a hardware thing ( exchange of hardware is useless), but on the other hand it is also not a software thing (OS-independent). The problem is sometimes there, sometimes not;  could be due to hardware-problems (loose contacts) or software-issues (a process starts at some point of operation which is affecting the toucpad functionality).

What could be the cause? What is the suspicion of 100 Million concerning the state of the battery? Any other ideas?

Paper Tape
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Re: X1 6th Gen touchpad problem

For me the problem appears differently. Reboot helps me in 100% cases of irresponsible touchapd, so I have not tried Linux, rebooting Windows is enough to fix it. The problem appears only after resuming Windows from sleep / hibernation. Then if touchpad is irresponsible, sometimes it stays bad until reboot (or next sleep / hibernation) and sometimes it magically fixes itself in maybe 5 minutes after waking up.


I have not tried working in linux with sleep / hiberantion / wake up cycles so I don't know, it the probleam appears in Linux on my machine.


I think your touchpad is kind of more dead then other's. :-)


(But I'm using mouse most of the time, so my description may be not exactly correct.)

What's DOS?
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Re: X1 6th Gen touchpad problem

Hi, is there finally a permanent solution for this issue?

Just noticed it is gone after signing out and back into Windows, but still very annoying problem.

What's DOS?
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Re: X1 6th Gen touchpad problem

Motherboard replacing. In my case only working solution.

What's DOS?
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Re: X1 6th Gen touchpad problem

One person getting a hardware replacement does not constitute a solved issue for the rest of your users, Lenovo. 

Paper Tape
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Re: X1 6th Gen touchpad problem

I received a new touchpad, it was installed, nothing changed. I received a new mainboard and keyborad, it was installed, nothing changed. next service ticket opened, after some days I got a call, they wanted to change the touchpad. I refused because they could not give me a reason why another exchange should help (as the first one didn't either). I explained the problem (not precisely a hardware problem neither a software/driver bug), seemed that they haven't read my description. 

I also mentioned this forum to the service guy and that it seems to be more than a single problem by a single costumer, he laughed and said: " Ah, these forums, no, I don't believe them", and that he wanted to look in their database.

He said in their database there ist no known systematic problem with touchpads with X1 maschines (kind of contradicition to this forum/thread).


After my description of the error they said it could be a problem of the Win10 installation. I didn't receive the maschine with Win10 installed by lenovo but it was installed by the seller (because it is a student device which don't come with a OS as far as I know). I needed to send my device to them for repairing/testing. So we'll see.


By the way: I guess no-one of lenovo is reading this forum. So it can only have the purpose of helping each other. In this case I think helping is not really possible as there is no clear cause identified and the only "help" was hadrware exchange. I can only suggest everyone having these problems to contact the service and explaining the problem. At least they can't continue to say that there is no known problem documented in their database...




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