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X1 Carbon 2014 shuts down when playing games

My Thinkpad X1 Carbon (2014) shuts down sometimes when i play games like Counterstrike Global Offensive. I have warranty on it. What could cause those shut downs and should i send it for repair?

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Re: X1 Carbon 2014 shuts down when playing games

Welcome to the forum.


The most likely cause of sudden shutdowns is overheating. There's a thermal sensor inside the ThinkPad that cuts off power before overheating causes permanent damage to the system. Some programs, often games, make such heavy demands on the CPU that it can overheat.


Make sure that the vents along the sides of the X1C aren't blocked by dust. If you see dust you may want to use a vacuum cleaner to suck it out. Also make sure that there's lots of space around the system to let exhausted warm air recirculate in the room. 


There are several free utilities that can report on internal temperatures, e.g. Speccy. If you're more technically inclined there's also a utility that can both display internal temperatures and adjust fan speed accordingly, TPFanControl.


If none of this addresses the sudden shutdowns then you probably want to have the system serviced.

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