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Blue Screen Again
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X1 Carbon 2015 - About SD Card Reader

So I've read many comments regarding the X1 Carbon 2015 models SD Card Reader missing. Or is it missing really? Also many people compared it to the Macbook Pro and pointed out that it still has one.


The way I see it, the Apple solution has a card reader because that is a big convenience for some of the target audience of that machine. As you might know cameras and such store their data on cards and people who use cameras alot tend to prefer Macbook Pro more so than any ultrabook (or even Macbook Air for that matter) due to some extra horsepower in case they do video or photo editing etc. It needs to be portable, last long on batteries and have a little punch. So few ultrabooks have this and in such a premium package and that is why it is popular.


I have a similar reason to look at X1 Carbon, it is portable and now with 5th gen even more powerful with a 1440p screen and premium build. I don't care about MacOS so I ruled out the Macbook and that leaves me with very few options in terms of powerful ultrabook-ish solutions one of which is X1 Carbon. I might opt for a Razer Blade 2015 refresh if it becomes available soon due to similar reasons and I don't even require the extra gaming power as this will be my work laptop. (I am a self employed programmer)


I think outside of testing once or twice, I have never ever used the SD Card readers on the laptops I owned. Most, no sorry ALL of the devices that use a card as storage, also provide means to connect to a PC as USB storage device, through USB. The UNIVERSAL serial bus. Yes I never ever bothered not even once to remove the SD Card from my Android phone.


I honestly have zero clue and find it very curious why some people make such a fuss about it. I suppose old habits die hard? Guys, USB sticks are way more robust and practical. If you must have a SD Card reader, why can't you just plug one in the OneLink dock? Full size HDMI is far more important. On a for note, If Lenovo gave the option to replace the LTE business with a card reader I wouldn't mind that but even than...

Punch Card
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Re: X1 Carbon 2015 - About SD Card Reader

I find the whining bizarre and ridiculous-and if you actually look, the overwhelming majority of posts about it are from one or two individuals. They just make so many posts that it seems like an issue. It's not. Most people never use it. I know I haven't. This is just the classic case of internet amplification.  As you mention, removing the card vs. connecting a USB cable? seems like a no-brainer.


As far as trading it for an HDMI port? I'm all for that, since I use an HDMI cable almost every day to run an external monitor.


If one really needs an SD card reader, the new XPS13 looks like a great option. I'm too wedded to the trackpoint and Lenovo keyboard personally, but otherwise it looks like a great machine.

Blue Screen Again
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Re: X1 Carbon 2015 - About SD Card Reader

Hi, how do you recommend to load raw files and jpeg’s from a camera to the computer? I was used to take physically the SD card from the camera and put it in the slot. Very fast and elegant solution. Now with my 5th generation I cannot-there is no slot. And to use a cable is extremly annoying, as carrying an external reader (a major step back). Thank you for your tip how to make the photography fun again. 

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Re: X1 Carbon 2015 - About SD Card Reader

A cable or external reader is your only option unless your camera can do it wireless like say over Bluetooth. The X1C5 only has a tray style micro sdcard reader.
I own a Y510p SLI (retired), Yoga 2 Pro, P50 4K, X1C5

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