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X1 Carbon (2015) battery warranty (poor health, degradation)

Hi folks,


It has been about 10-11 months since I bought my X1 Carbon 3rd gen. (2015), with 512GB SSD. It comes with ThinkPlus warranty, which says battery is also covered for 3 years.

A month back, my battery started getting discharged very quickly when not on AC power. I checked the the Lenovo app, which says:


"The battery is in poor condition".

"The battery can only store 52.9% of its original full charge capacity".


Its "Design Capacity" is 50.22Wh, but now its Full Charge capacity is about 26-27Wh! Cycle count is 288. I've never used any other AC adapter, except the original that came with it.


1. Is it covered under warranty? This degradation is not normal and I believe there's a replacement I can do.


2. Warranty page for my serial number on Lenovo's site lists 3 warranties:

i. 3 year limited warranty

ii. 3 year ThinkPlus warranty and "The battery is also covered for 3 years". 

iii. "The battery included within this product is entitled to a 1 year on-site warranty. Please note that this may differ from the warranty of the base product itself."


So, is my battery covered for 3 years OR 1 year? 

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Re: X1 Carbon (2015) battery warranty (poor health, degradation)

1. It should be. You'll need to call Lenovo to confirm but IIRC a battery that degrades to less than 80% of design capacity in the first year should be replaced under warranty.


2. I think the distinction is between 1 year on-site warranty and 3 year EasyServ warranty where you have to send the system back to Lenovo. Since this issue is less than 1 year into the warranty Lenovo should send someone to replace the battery at your location, saving you the hassle and ~1 week wait to do EasyServ.

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