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What's DOS?
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X1 Carbon (3rd Gen) Display Flickers after resume from Sleep on 1600 x 900

**Post Windows 10 upgrade Issue**


With display set to 1600 x 900, (the ONLY setting where 100% zoom is possible), when my laptop sleeps and then resumes, or the display powers down from power setting, then wakens, the display beings to flicker and produces a digital mess on the screen.  I can change the settings to the MAX settings and apply it, and it stops.  I can then go back to 1600 x 900 and apply it again, and it works fine until it goes to sleep again.


I have the Pro Dock and it does NOT have this issue at all when the doc is in use and both are set to 1600 x 900.  It's only when it is on its own.


I have also tested with an HDMI cable plugged in to a monitor from the laptop and it does not have this issue.  I have (in the last week or so) began experiencing an issue with the HDMI, when I lock the screen and walk away, when i come back, the signal will no longer output to the monitor.  I had to plug into my TV at home and the signal started working again, then when I hooked back up to the monitor, it was working.  But since, it went off again and i had to use the dock with DVI cable.


Installed newest Intel Graphics HD 5500 driver dated 9/2/2015 and this did not resolve the issue.

What's DOS?
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Re: X1 Carbon (3rd Gen) Display Flickers after resume from Sleep on 1600 x 900


I solved it by reading that thread, Dell worked with Intel to resolve the issue (Lenovo pls). You need to update to the drivers located on the Intel page. I used 10/26/2015


which works fine so far for me. Not sure what features you lack from Lenovo's customization but the issue was far too annoying to not solve.

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Re: X1 Carbon (3rd Gen) Display Flickers after resume from Sleep on 1600 x 900

What i understand is windows 10 has a bug causing screen to flicker for no reason it's some kind of bug that occures for some and while others it does not happen at all, like me my x1 carbon 2015 isn't flickering at all so yeah make sure you got latest from lenovo to see if that fixes it Smiley Happy

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