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X1 Carbon 4th Gen - which ethernet adapter?

I bought a X1 Carbon 4th generation latpop here in New Zealand and it did not come with any sort of ethernet adapter cable.


The documentation that came with this laptop is virtually non-existent and the Lenovo support site is utterly useless. When I search for accessories for my laptop by serial number it doesn't even give me an option for an ethernet cable / adapter.


Anyways /end rant....


I see there are two different ethernet adapters for an X1 Carbon, but I'm not sure which one to buy and whether both will work with my X1 Carbon 4th Gen?


I see two options:


4X90K06975 - ThinkPad OneLink+ To RJ45 Adapter

4X90F84315 - ThinkPad Ethernet Extension Cable


Both are listed on and both pages say full compatibilty with Carbon X1


I have a sneaking suspicion that is FALSE and I can only use the Onelink+ version, which is the more expensive of the two.


Can anyone advise if I can use only one, or both, and if both, is there any benefit to using one adapter versus the other?


Honestly, I like the laptop but the customer experience with Lenovo is dreadful.  No after hours support, no support on the weekends and only support during Australian hours....they really don't seem to care about their New Zealand customers AT ALL


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Re: X1 Carbon 4th Gen - which ethernet adapter?

Hello and welcome,


The connection has changed based on the generation of the X1.  Please confirm that the documents linked below apply to your generation.


Based on the (English) User Guide - ThinkPad X1 Carbon (Type 20FB, 20FC), X1 Yoga


"You can connect your computer to a local network or a broadband connection through the OneLink+ Ethernet Adapter or a supported ThinkPad OneLink+ Dock."




"Adapter (optional) OneLink+ to RJ45: ThinkPad OneLink+ to RJ45 adapter"


I'd say it's OneLink+ to RJ45.  Another option might be an inexpensive 3rd-party USB 3.0 -> GigE adapter.



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