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X1 Carbon 4th Generation or W530

I have a W530 with 32GB of memory, sometimes use it with an external monitor.

Almost 4 years old.


Apart from screen size I'm wondering how the W530 compares with the latest X1 carbon?



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Re: X1 Carbon 4th Generation or W530

16GB in the maximum memory available in the X1 Carbon Gen 4, and it's soldered so no upgrades are possible. You might like to consider the X1 Yoga, which is an X1 Carbon Gen 4 with a touchscreen and active pen - though you might have no use for these things.


OneLink+ docking works well in my experience, though there are ongoing reports of the Ethernet port on the dock being unreliable after the machine resumes from sleep.


Your W530 probably has a third generation Core processor with four hardware cores. The X1 Carbon Gen 4 and X1 Yoga have a sixth generation Core processor with two hardware cores (the higher variants are two hardware cores plus Hyperthreading, so four logical processors).



If you are using the W530 flat out, the X1 Carbon Gen 4 or X1 Yoga will likely not keep up with the workload. The X series are designed for high performance in an ultraportable form factor, not to be a mobile workstation. If you want the highest performance laptops, check out the ThinkPad P series mobile workstations.

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