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Paper Tape
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X1 Carbon 512 GB SSD Encryption



Does the X1 Carbon with i7 processing, machine type 20BS00A5GE have the ability to AES encrypt the 512 Gb SSD by setting a BIOS password?


I wrote and called Lenovo and Samsung Support and they tell me they don't know, and do not assist customers with configuration matters. The Samsung Magican does not work with the B2B HDD like this one. Nor the manual helps me further


The manual just says about Encryption solid-state drive

Some models contain the Encryption solid-state drive. This feature helps to protect your computer againstsecurity attacks on media, NAND flash, or device controllers by use of a hardware encryption chip. For theefficient use of the encryption feature, set a hard disk password for the internal storage device.


I have set the BIOS password, but I am not sure if the data on the SSD is now AES encrypted or only the access protected by a password.


In my X1 (20BS00A5GE) there is a Samsung SM951 HD (SAMSUNG MZHPV512HDGL-000L1) Lenovo SRU: 04X4480


Or do I have to use Bit Locker tp protect my data? If so, is there a good manual how to set it up best e.g. use some security features of the HDD.


Anybody out there who knows?


Thanks Jogi

Community SeniorMod
Community SeniorMod
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Re: X1 Carbon 512 GB SSD Encryption

I believe that drive in not self-encrypting/  Please note that the BIOS password is not what is used to encrypt self-encrypting.  Rather it is the ATA (hard disk) password.  In any case, if you set an ATA password, it is considered uncrackable.  If you have a self-encrypting drive and no ATA password, the drive can simply be moved to a different machine and read directly.


I do not respond to requests for private, one-on-one help. Your questions should be posted in the appropriate forum where they may help others as well.

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Paper Tape
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Re: X1 Carbon 512 GB SSD Encryption

Thanks for your advice. I have set the ATA(HDD) password in my Bios. But what I read so far, is that the ATA/HDD passwords are not secure, as long as the data is not encrypted on the HDD itself. They can be removed with special software/tools. 


Seems that I have to use Bitlocker :-(

Lenovo Staff
Lenovo Staff
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Re: X1 Carbon 512 GB SSD Encryption

I can confirm that the 512GB drive does not support hardware encryption.  So if you want encryption, then your only choice is software encryption like BitLocker.


If you need hardware encryption, order a model/drive that supports OPAL.  OPAL is the hardware encryption standard that Lenovo uses in certain models/drives.  For example, search for OPAL here:


With OPAL, the hardware encryption is activated by setting a HDD password in BIOS setup, or else using OPAL management software such as WinMagic SecureDoc.

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