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Re: X1 Carbon 6th Gen Freezes

2019-06-02, 3:30 AM
this website>support>product>pc>laptop select your model> driver download > display > select a newer version driver according to your graphic type which you can find in device manager /display adapter. My x1 carbon has intel 620, after installation the problem seemed resolved completely. if you update the drive in device manager, you get - bad version

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Re: X1 Carbon 6th Gen Freezes

2019-06-02, 3:57 AM
Thanks, just updated it. Hope it works.

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Re: X1 Carbon 6th Gen Freezes

2019-06-02, 17:54 PM

I am glad I don’t have all these problems and issues on my MacBook Pro. This thread has been going on for ages now. Shows how when one person makes the laptop and another person makes the OS how each side plays the blame game for months if not years before or if anything ever gets resolved.


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Re: X1 Carbon 6th Gen Freezes

2019-06-04, 20:44 PM



I've purchased my unit in January 2019, X1 Carbon, 8650U, 16GB RAM, 512 SSD, UHD Display, and got the Freeze issue almost immediately after a couple of days.


This thread seems the only one with good hints, therefore a quick reply to give you some information about my experience with the issue.


What I've noticed is that the windows log was full of e1express errors and a couple of DCOM. I've updated all Bios and Firmwares, tested all suggestions from the forum, but the X1 kept freezing most of the time. At times it was freezing ever 30 seconds for 5 seconds. When was bad was freezing 5 seconds every 3 seconds. 


In January, talking to the tech, he mentioned it was for sure a problem with the factory image. Lenovo proposed to replace it DOA but being an IT guy, i've thought it might be a driver or something and kept trying until may (and i really needed this notebook for work)


At a certain point, it seemed resolved. I went on for over a month without issues. Then I don't know...windows update or a lenovo update came out and the issue came back. This time I opened a case and sent it for repair. 7 days round-trip and it came back.


The repair sheet says "Replaced PCB, Mainboard". I don't know if it was really replaced but the issue is gone. In addition, they did not format the unit (i've factory reset it, but it came back with the username i've installed it). Therefore I believe they didn't reimage it (unless they copied the profile and data out somehow, first).


Since this is the only forum post I've found, my conclusion is that even if tweaking it you might temporarily solve it (like for a month in my case) it's not normal to have to tweak drivers to have it working. From my experience, the touchpad freezing is really a bad sign. As some mentioned, it make sense it's display related. In fact, the system doesn't freeze, only the image; as other have mentioned, the computer keeps doing what it was doing before. when it unfreeze it you see the result of the operation (for instance pings and so on). If the computer was freezing it would take over from where it was..


In conclusion: i suggest you have the unit repaired...it's not ideal...but worth it. 


All the best!

and Thanks for all posts in the forum



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Re: X1 Carbon 6th Gen Freezes

2019-06-05, 13:17 PM

I was the one who started this thread. I have had my 6th Gen for over a year now and it has been great. However, it is my second device delivered.  The first one froze and there was no amount of effort that was going to change it.I returned it.  They definitely have an issue with the 6th Gen where a percentage of laptops built have this problem. I would not waste too much time on it but rather ask for another device. i did and have been happy ever since.  There are other machines without this issue.  I also think they are well aware of the percentage of devices that are defective and will not be surprised by you asking for a return and a new device.


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Re: X1 Carbon 6th Gen Freezes

2019-08-01, 14:09 PM

I also have a similar issue. My X1 Carbon 6th gen freezes after about 10 minutes if I have the power supply plugged in. I have tried updating all drivers, firmwares, bios for the computer, but no luck. It freezes and I can't do anything so I have to force shut it down and start it again. I think it has something to do with the newest Graphics card driver that Lenovo released. Is there any way to download the 2nd newest Graphics driver for my PC?

I have Intel UHD Graphics 620 and the latest version is:

I have tried installing the newest driver from Intel with no luck: https://downloadcenter.intel.com/download/28888/Intel-Graphics-Windows-10-DCH-Drivers?product=126789. Still crashing. I know this is not supported, but had to try.

Also there are some applications only showing black GUI when I try to open them, this did not happend with the older version.


This is a month old computer, since I got a new one from Lenovo (also a X1 Carbon 6th gen) when it was acting crazy, similar to this.

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