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Fanfold Paper
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X1 Carbon 6th Gen will not boot



I am waiting for Lenovo's return box, but wanted to share my issue and see if anyone knows what happened. Lenovo tech support thinks its a corrupted board.


First day I got it and went through normal win10 setup with no issues. It restarted a few times and updated. I then browsed the web a bit then shut down the machine.


30 minutes later I pressed start and it would not boot passed the Lenovo logo screen. If i press F1 for BIOS, it takes 20 minutes to get into BIOS. OR if i let it sit at the Lenovo logo screen for 20 minutes, it will then bring up the Boot Menu/App Menu screen, but nothing is listed under the Boot Menu.


It does not matter if on battery or AC power. I tried F9 to reset BIOS and then F10 to save with no luck. It will also not load into recovery mode. The reset button via a paper clip on reverse side does not help. I noticed the BIOS is 1.15 and Lenovo has an urgent update for 1.25. Did windows updates conflict with the older BIOS? Im thinking the BIOS should have been updated before any windows updates. 


Any ideas? 

Paper Tape
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Re: X1 Carbon 6th Gen will not boot

Did you ever get this fixed? I am having the EXACT same issue on my laptop.

What's DOS?
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Re: X1 Carbon 6th Gen will not boot

I had the same problem and solved it when had extracted main and BIOS battery for 10 minutes (maybe bios battery extraction was redundant).

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