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X1 Carbon Gen 2 button Trackpad upgrade

I have a Gen 2 20A7 with a Gen 3 trackpad. Gen 2 X1 carbon had no buttons (terrible) trackpad so a Gen 3 trackpad was installed with the buttons.


Issues are:


Default windows 10 driver will recognise the 3 buttons and mouse trackpad - but NOT gestures.


Installing synaptics driver will recognise mouse trackpad and gestures - but NOT the 3 buttons.


So far ive had to pick between them. It's extremely annoying. I know heaps of people changed the trackpad over but I am not sure if they cared about gestures so maybe settled on a driver which only operated the buttons.


I want to use AutoCAD so I 100% need the gestures for zooming in and out, but I also need the buttons in general.


Every synaptics driver will disable the buttons. Default driver is not capable of handling gestures (pinch to zoom etc) as far as I can find.


Touchpad Information in the Synaptics control panel shows:

Synaptics Clickpad V1.1 on SMB board

Driver version:

Firmware version 1.1

Interface: SMB

Using windows 10 LTSB


Anyone know of compatible drivers or how to enable gestures and buttons? Ty

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Re: X1 Carbon Gen 2 button Trackpad upgrade

I made a similar mod to my X240 (it's from the same era) and am still using the ancient n10gx25w to keep the buttons working: README INSTALLER


Anyone found a later driver which works?

I don't work for Lenovo. I'm a crazy volunteer!
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Re: X1 Carbon Gen 2 button Trackpad upgrade

Ok I plugged the old trackpad in and the hardware ID in device manager still showed LEN0034 and I think I have LEN0036 so I need to find out how to change the device hardware ID.

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Re: X1 Carbon Gen 2 button Trackpad upgrade

In the end I installed the latest driver (note where you install it to), went into the SynPD.inf file (C:/DRIVERS/WIN/UNAV) - everywhere that had LEN0034 (my trackpad hardware ID) also had group 17 in the same line. I changed it to group 39 (some random model with a 3 button trackpad). Just open the file with Notepad and use 'find' to find every line with 0034 in it - 3 places - and change its assigned group to group 39, save the file with its changes, right click the file and then click install to run it. Error message came up saying not original file, may be user edited or whatever. Rebooted and finally after wasting all weekend, I have the 3 button touchpad. I tried changing 0034 to another model but just disabled the trackpad. So check your hardware ID and in the SynPD.inf driver file just change the group number where ever your hardware ID is. You can probably use other groups accordingly for other trackpads, I actually used a group used by the X250 which is not my laptop.




%SMB.IBMDeviceDesc%  = LENOVO_GROUP17_InterTouch_Win8_Inst,ACPI\LEN0034




%SMB.IBMDeviceDesc%  = LENOVO_GROUP39_InterTouch_Win8_Inst,ACPI\LEN0034


Easy. In the end. You might have to disable updates for the driver to ensure it is not updated etc. I will be doing that now. (Go to windows search bar, type edit group policy, open program, computer config > admin templates > system > device installation > device installation restrictions > prevent installation of any devices with these hardware ID's > Click enabled, Click Show, Enter 1 hardware ID per line. Hardware ID's are found in device manager, right click properties > details > Hardware Ids (drop down menu) 


mine were:





Click apply and restart PC. Middle buton doesnt work at the moment but left and right ones do, as well as all gestures. Maybe another group would get the middle button working but at this stage I dont care.


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