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X1 Carbon Gen 4 - I give up.

I've had this laptop since October of last year. Upon receiving it I experienced "overheating" (example: hitting 81*C installing MS Office), extremely loud fan noise and high CPU usage. The laptop was sent in 3 times in a month for repair. The first time they replaced the fan- problems persisted. The 2nd time they replaced the mainboard- problems persisted. The 3rd time they "updated the BIOS" (I had already installed the latest system updates before sending it back in) and nothing has changed. I am using TPFanControl (which I shouldn't be having to do) and it somewhat works. I still boot to CPU temps of ~60*C occasionally, even after sitting overnight. I hit temps of 75*C+ just installing software, fan still screaming. Are these temps normal for this machine? I could do anything and everything on my MacBook Pro and never heard the fan, never hit temps even close to these. I'm wondering if I should cut my $2200 loss and get rid of this. It's clear the Lenovo techs either don't care, don't know what they're doing or don't actually put time into diagnosing the issues. Please don't tell me "If you're not happy with it, get rid of it, etc." I know from posts I was reading/wrote about these problems when I first got it that these issues were pretty common. Just looking for advice on if I should keep this thing. I haven't even used it since December because of these problems and I don't trust the Lenovo techs to do anything worth while. Such a waste of $2200. I've also spent a good 40+ hours trying to dual-boot Kali Linux and I just can't figure out why it's not working. I've literally looked at every kali dual-boot guide from the past 3 years or so, watched every YouTube video, read hundreds of forum posts. I'm just at a loss. 




Stressed and disappointed

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