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Punch Card
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X1 Carbon Gen 4 Idle/Load Temps

I have the Gen 4 fully loaded. My idle temps are anywhere from 35C to 55C. Just from booting up. It can go from the 40s to the 50s in the drop of a hat just opening a program. Are these computers really that sensitive? If so I'll just buy a Mac. Was running VirtualBox last night installing some OS'  and I'd hit 73-76C or so. Turned it on today, let it stay idle for about 10min then did a couple stress tests. Ran Prime95 v26.6 x64 Small FFTs test for 3min and had a max temp of 81C. Ran Cinebench R15's CPU test and hit a max temp of 73C. I've had this for almost a month yet it's only been turned on 10 times or less. I'm building a workstation for a client and was stress testing it the past couple days so I thought I'd check the temps on the laptop and I was less than pleased. My MacBook Pro never got above 50-55C under full load. Should I make a ticket or do these temps sound normal?

Token Ring
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Re: X1 Carbon Gen 4 Idle/Load Temps

What temp are you monitoring, the CPU core temps or package temps? The core internal ones do move up/down quite fast with load.


I think ULVs are designed to run "hot"- to minimise fan noise and the response is shallow with temp. Tj on ULV is 100C or more. After all the X1 like, say, the XPS - is a thin and light not a workstation. I don't think they expect it to run long work-loads.


The X1 also bumps short-term Turbo to 25W unlike XPS that keeps to 15W and a fully loaded i7 (especially if the GPU is also loaded) can go well over 15W so it may run hotter than other thin and lights/ultrabooks.


My XPS regularly reached 95C at full load and only after ArcticSilver 5 dropped down to ~85C at full load with Turbo also bumped to 25W. Lenovo actually reduces TControl by about 20C so you hit throttle ~78C while XPS went all the way (reaches power throttle!). Try a better thermal paste like AS5?


IMHO if you want workstation-class cooling solution see the W or T series.


Punch Card
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Re: X1 Carbon Gen 4 Idle/Load Temps

I was monitoring both core and package temps. The 81C I hit during Prime 95 was the package temp and the highest core temp during that 3min test was 85C. The fan is running constantly and quite loud. I made a ticket and they want me to send it in. Just wondering if I made a bad choice in laptop. The computer is nice but it should at least be able to open a browser without jumping up to 55C and it shouldn't hit above that installing operating systems in a VM. Hopefully they'll get it fixed. If not I wasted $2000 on a computer I can't return now. Technically I think I could but they'd charge a 15% restocking fee, plus I'd be out $300 for Office 16 Professional.

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