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What's DOS?
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X1 Carbon Gen3 Windows 10 external monitor


I have a 'new' Lenovo X1 Carbon Gen 3 (i7-5600U/8GB/touch) upgraded to Windows 10 Ent.

It's installed with latest drivers, firmware, etc.

The laptop display is fantastic.

The quality of any external monitor is rubbish. 

i.e. the fonts are not crisp, sharp or smooth and very hard on the eyes.

I have tried several quality monitors that all look great connected to other PCs/laptops.

I have tried connecting via HDMI and OneLink (DVI and Display Port).

Any suggestions?




What's DOS?
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Re: X1 Carbon Gen3 Windows 10 external monitor

Was this ever resolved?  I have the exact same issue. 

Paper Tape
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Re: X1 Carbon Gen3 Windows 10 external monitor

I've got the same problem with my X1 Yoga. In Windows 10, as I've found out, this is due to different scaling used on internal display and the external one. For the internal one I use 200% scaling (since it has a very high dpi), and 100% for the external one. The font smoothening in Windows 10 is based on one of the two displays only. E.g., if the internal display is set as the main one, the smoothening knows that each pixel is actually 4 subpixels (due to 200% scaling), which allows for producing astonishing quality on the internal display. However, on the external display, the algorithm for smoothening is the same but the resulting 4 subpixels have to be displayed in 1 physical pixel; so, the system averages their values, which results in an inferior quality.


A possible solution is to mark the external display as primary (this can be done in the regime of extending displays). Then the smoothening will be done based on the external display (1 pixel is one pixel), resulting in a much better picture for the external display and a slightly worse picture for the internal one (since smoothening now does not use the internal display "superpixel" internal structure).


I do not currently know of any way to use different scaling on different screens in Win 10 and achieve maximum quality for both of them.

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