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Paper Tape
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X1 Carbon + Onelink Pro dock + P24h - DisplayPort not working

We have a few Lenovo displays we are replacing and wanted to get some USB-C displays for our few MacBook Pro users, but also work with our OneLink Pro & Ultra Docks. Ultra Dock works great with DisplayPort & HDMI. The MacBook Pro's work great with USB-C and Apple's USB to ethernet gets us all set there.


The issue is the X1 (gen 3) with OneLink Pro dock. When we setup the dock with DisplayPort it shows the display is connected in the Display Properties, along with resolution and extended desktop, but the display itself shows nothing and has an orange light. We tried 3 different docks and laptops, 2 different P24h displays, and 3 different DisplayPort cables. Confirmed both the display and dock support DisplayPort 1.2.


Any idea on what I can do to get this going? So far this is the best display we could find that covers all our bases for our needs.



Paper Tape
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Registered: ‎05-15-2017
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Re: X1 Carbon + Onelink Pro dock + P24h - DisplayPort not working

Following up on this, it seems that the new X1 Carbon 6th Gen connected to the new Lenovo Thunderbol 3 dock using a USB-C cable and the same P24h displays connected to the dock using a DisplayPort cable do not work either.


Attempted using a T470s as well and the same issue. I swapped the TB3 dock with the Ultra Dock and the T470s worked using the same cables. Swapped the TB3 dock back and the displays don't work.


Attempted swapping the Lenovo P24h displays with Dell U2419HC USB-C displays also using DisplayPort and they work without any issue on the Lenovo TB3 dock. Why are the P24h displays having so many issues with Lenovo branded products?



Second Edit: Looks like a new TB3 dock update came out April 2, 2019 that fixed the issue. Testing it further now but I think I am set. 

FW Package v1.0.0.12 - ar_tbtdockfw05



Looked online and found this article about TB3 dock having the same issue with a different set of displays.

Plug in one DP cable into port 2, allow the display to show, then plug in the other and success. Until you redock then you are back to the same issue.

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