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X1 Carbon - Perpetual spontaneous change in brightness

I've had a touchscreen X1 Carbon for >1 year now (specific model/year number is unknown).  Throughout Windows 8.1 and now Windows 10, the brightness changes spontaenously and unexpectedly.


The screen will be normal (at my required brightness), dim, remain dim for a while, then brighten again to original point after an expected amount of time or if I manually increase the brightness.


I disabled auto brightness.

I disabled the light sensor (uninstalled it in device manager).

I manually adjusted the Intel driver settings so the brightness was set at maximum; still no help.

This occurs regardless if laptop is on battery power or plugged in.

This is a perpetual issue, occurs randomly.


I'm sick of this and am considering giving up the X1 to get another laptop.  Any ideas?

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