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X1 Carbon Screen Issues

I have an 2nd generation X1 Carbon that is out of warranty, machine type 3448. 

For certain Red on Red gradients, and Red on Grey or Black, strange flickering black or pure red 255,0,0 flickering pixels appear. 

In addition to this, certain text and other things create an odd penumbra-like 'drop shadow' that is lighter than the surrounding background. 

The odd thing about this, is that if I go into the graphics properties, and change the brightness and contrast VERY slightly, the drop shadow issue disappears completely, and the weird flickering pixel issue improves somewhat, and 'shifts' to a different shade of red. 

This issue does not appear when connecting the laptop to an external monitor via the mini-displayport.

Here are some pictures of the issue:

The pixel issue is visible even in the system bios around the red dot atop the "i" in "Thinkpad", so it can't be a driver thing.

I bought a replacement screen off ebay for $65, and as best I can tell the replacement screen is a counterfit, it's not exactly the same as the lenovo FRU currently in the laptop: 04X1756 N Non-MultiTouch LGD 14.0 HD+ AG TN WV 72%.

The replacement arrived, I installed it, and to my dispair, when I turned the system on, a much worse bright-red 'pinstripe' effect appeared anywhere that was supposed to be solid black. The issue with displaying red was gone, this issue was different. I put the old screen back in, because it's at least useable with it.

My questions are...

What are the chances of this being a purely LCD issue? As in, faulty panel, and faulty cheap replacement off ebay? 

What are the chances of it being something much worse, like a motherboard/gpu/LVDS issue?

Where can I go to buy a genuine Lenovo replacement screen? (FRU: 04X1756).

At present, I feel like since it works on an external monitor, it's likely just an issue with the LCD panel, but I'm starting to worry that there is something wrong with the LVDS signal path that doesn't present on the DVI path, however, if that is the case, then why do both LCD panels present different problems? 

Help? :(

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