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Paper Tape
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X1 Carbon TPM issue

[X1 Carbon, 3443-A51 type]


Hi All,


I used BitLocker on Win 8.1 64b without any problems for almost 2 years now. A month ago, when I booted my computer it asked for a recovery key and since that time it was asking every boot. I also noticed that the TPM module wasn't discovered any more (so that's probably the reason).


I reainstalled Windows (clean install) to Windows 10 64b and I was surprised to see that the TPM is still not present. Also checked in BIOS - in Security section - there are no TPM settings. I've also made an upgarde of BIOS - didn't help.


Does this mean that my TPM somehow got broken? How can I:

- Make sure that I had one (although I'm 99% sure I had one since it has never been asking for a password while booting the computer)?

- Maybe there's a separate boot menu for TPM? 

- Can I diagnose it somehow?


I'm so lucky with this computer - the guarantee expired 2 months ago....

Lenovo Staff
Lenovo Staff
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Re: X1 Carbon TPM issue

If there is no "Security Chip" option in BIOS Setup, in the "Security" menu, then it sure sounds to me like the TPM module has died.  As the TPM is soldered onto the motherboard, it is not something that can be fixed easily.  If this were my computer (and not in warranty) I would probably try to find some other encryption software (besides BitLocker) that doesn't use the TPM.

Paper Tape
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Re: X1 Carbon TPM issue

Thanks for the opinion. 


What I did since the time of my post was:

1 - Go to

2 - Using scripts from that side (you just run them in a console with Admin rights):

a - I listed all the BIOS settings (cscript.exe ListAll.vbs)

b - Found that the TPM (there as SecurityChip) is set to Disable

c - Using again the WMI scripts I changed it to Active - cscript.exe SetConfig.vbs SecurityChip Active

d - Checked if the setting has been applied - it was.

e - Restarted the computer.

f - Found that TPM has got back to Disable.


To sum up - TPM has died Smiley Sad

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