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X1 Carbon Thinkpad - bypassing the battery?

I was recently caught in a rainstorm while biking with my laptop in my backpack while it was turned on. A small amount of water got into the system and the machine will now not turn on. When I plug in the machine, a green light on the laptop body next to the charging port turns on, which implies to me that the motherboard is functioning. However, the light indicating that the battery is charging does not turn on, and the machine itself also does not turn on.


With the help of an IT desk, I opened the machine and unplugged the battery and the machine still did not turn on when plugged into the wall. However, we were unsure of whether we had bypassed the battery successfully, or whether this is even possible on this specific laptop. What I am wondering is whether there is a way to bypass the battery and run the system on wall power, to determine whether it is only the battery which has been damaged? If this is impossible, is there any other way to determine whether it is the battery which is the only failing piece before I commit to purchasing a new battery which may or may not solve my problem?

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Re: X1 Carbon Thinkpad - bypassing the battery?

If you unplugged the battery and it wouldn't start on wall power, the battery isn't your problem


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