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X1 Carbon Touch: have to push the power button twice to boot the system

This is what always happened when I booted up the computer:


First time when I pressed the power button, the computer was on for just 2-3 seconds showing the "Lenovo" logo, and then automatically went back to power-off with nothing happened further.


And then I pressed the power button again, the computer booted and loaded the operating system without any problem.


Even though I'm able to start the computer in this way eventually, it is very annoying.  It happens every time when I cold started the system (no such a problem if I simply restart the computer).  Anyone knows why I have to push the power button twice to boot the system?  I suspect it's something related to the rapid start technology, but cannot locate the exact reason.  Anyone else has the similar problem?  I have a Windows 8.1 now, but the problem existed when I was still using Windows 8.  After I upgraded to 8.1, the problem still exists.

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