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X1 Carbon Trackpad

I've got my X1 Carbon 2 Weeks ago and it's been working absolutely smooth so far. However I've been experiencing a problem lately:

The Trackpad acts like there'd be a finger constantly touching it. So, if I use the Trackpad to move the cursor, it just won't move, but scroll the page instead.


I've been trying to fix this problem for quite a while now and started to find out some other issues:

1. Cleaning the Trackpad with my fingers seems to "erase" the rubber coating (leaving "rubber material" behind like an eraser does).

2. I've been wondering why on earth Lenovo would cover the Carbon fiber with a very cheap looking "rubber" coat that takes every fingerprint it possibly could. Why not just let the X1 Carbon in a nice Carbonfiber-look?


Luckally there ist still the Trackpoint, that works perfectly and is one of the reasons I've bought a Thinkpad. However I'd be happy to get some help with the Trackpad-issue.



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Re: X1 Carbon Trackpad

My trackpad also gives off this "eraser" material like feel whenever I'm using it. It feels like part of the rubber is scraping off and it is very unpleasant and annoying. I can brush the material away and it comes right back an hour later.


Does anyone else have that problem? Other than the trackpad, I am otherwise quite pleased with the product.

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Re: X1 Carbon Trackpad

Same here with a t440p, the material stopped and an shiny orb has formed.

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