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X1 Carbon Won't Boot without AC Cord - reset switch


The X1 Carbon design includes an internal battery and ships from the factory with the battery electrically disabled.


If you press the start button out of the box, the system will not power up unless AC is first attached.  So, when first starting a new X1 Carbon, be sure to attach the AC connection first.


When servicing the system, or when storing it for an extended period of time, the battery can be electrically disconnected.  There is an option in BIOS to disconnect the battery - AC must be unplugged while doing this step.


To start up the next time, attach AC and press the power button.


If the system become hung and will not power down, or will not start even with the AC connected, try using a paper clip to press the small reset button found inside a hole in the bottom of the system.



On the X1 Carbon, the reset pin hole is on the bottom of the left side, near the edge and about the middle of the side...


X1 Carbon reset.png


The reset pin location on the original X1 models is in a different location - see this related tip for location and demonstration of using a pin to reset.

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