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X1 Carbon: add WWAN card

How can I add a wireless card to the Carbon X1?  The original answer was "can't be done" becuase the computer is a sealed case and has no capability for it.  I call BS!!  The computer obviously has a slot for it, a Sim card holder, and the option to order it from the factory with wireless.  How to add wireless to a non-wireless Carbon X1?  


Moderator note: edited subject to match content.  Was:  Docking stations for X1 Carbon.

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Re: X1 Carbon: add WWAN card

You don't say which generation X1C you have, but AFAIK you can add a WWAN card.  Instructions are in the Hardware Maintenance Manual for your particular model.


The challenge will be antennas if they aren't already installed, and finding a card that passes the BIOS whitelist.


This isn't something I can address in detail, but if you'll list your MT-M - like 20FB002SUS as an example of a WWAN-upgradable unit - others will probably be able to help.  (Upgradable means that the antennas are already in place.)




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Serial Port
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Re: X1 Carbon: add WWAN card

It is a Gen 2 Carbon X1.  Does it go under the keyboard?  Where are the installation instructions?  

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Re: X1 Carbon: add WWAN card

page 59 details the wwan card.

as mentioned previously, you'll need to find one that will pass the bios whitelist, which hopefuly would be the same oem card that is used in 2nd gen x1's that came with it stock.

Antenna's can be purchased but routing them properly will likely be a PITA.

Serial Port
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Re: X1 Carbon: add WWAN card

I just put the Sierra Wireless WWAN card into my friend's P50.  It was easy; now my wife wants one in her Carbon X1.


So what card to order?  The antennas are already routed (see picture).  In theory, all I have to do is find the right card and plug it in.  How to find that "right card"?  


I'd rather order directly from Lenovo, but is this the right card?


Does anyone have the lenovo link to the right card?  I would prefer to order directly from Lenovo, if possible.  


FYI, I'm on the Verizon system (US), if that makes a difference.  

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Re: X1 Carbon: add WWAN card


if you need 3G (CDMA 1xRTT/EV-DO) and LTE service from Verizon the only wwan card x1c gen2 (MT 20A7, 20A8) compatible with is Sierra em7355 (Gobi 5000), Lenovo service p/n (FRU) 04W3801. You might need to activate it to work with Verizon.

There is another compatible FRU 04X6038. Some manuals claims it's a package of wwan modem em7355 and 3FF SIM (Verizon).

The card on the photo you've linked isn't compatible with x1c gen2.

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