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X1 Carbon charge with big powerbank

I have a rather big powerbank that deivers 5V/12/19V. Can I use as a cable one of the type USB A - USB-C like the picture added. Thanks for a answer.

Token Ring
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Re: X1 Carbon charge with big powerbank

Your powerbank sounds like it only has USB-A outputs on it - as far as I know USB-A will only output 5V so that wouldn't work when trying to charge the X1C. My guess is that the X1C would just see it like a USB device, not a charger ("PD").


Charging the X1C from a powerbank seems a little tricky as the powerbank needs to output 40W at 20V on USB-C.


I'm also a little cautious as that's a fair amount of power down a small cable so I'm hoping to hear from others who have had successful experiences. Strangely there are not that many comments online yet - whilst the X1C battery life is pretty reasonable there must be road warriors out there that need longer.

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Re: X1 Carbon charge with big powerbank

Thanks for the answer!

Later I found out that my powerbank would deliver 12, 14 and 19V as well. But the output sockets ar far fom USB-C.

Maybe there is a solution from this outlet to USB-C?

Indeed I am very satisfied with the endurance of my X1C.

Like it!

Paper Tape
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Re: X1 Carbon charge with big powerbank

Anyone has any experience with using this with the X1?: 


It's the Helper USB Type C 20000mAh 65W PD.


It says it has an output of 65W and 20V so i am guessing it should work. I am not an engineer or an electrician, so no clue.


Also, I know that we could get an official Lenovo 65W charger (over teh 45W) which fast charges. It smart enough to know when to stop. I wonder if this power bank would fry the laptop's battery? Or is it smart enough to know how much juice is too much juice just like the Lenovo 65W charger.



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