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Fanfold Paper
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X1 Carbon (touch) SSD sometimes fails SMART short self-test



I've been getting some intermittent errors from the SSD in my X1 Carbon.  I've got the Toshiba 100G drive. (Detailed name: THNSNS28GMGP )


The hardware scan in the Lenovo Solution Center sometimes passes ok, and sometimes gives an error on the SMART short self-test.  When it passes fine, I get the Result Code: WHD01V000-WITWRD .  When it gives the error I get Result Code:  WHD01V00G-WITVRN .


I have tried the Quick Storage Device Test that ones gets to while booting by pressing F10.  That seems to pass the first time it is run, and then list the same failure after that.  When it passes Result Code: UHD01V000-WITVRN . And when it fails, Result Code: UHD01V006-WITVRN .


I have also tried a separate diagnostic tool I got from the Lenovo Site, called the Lenovo Storage Quick Test, version . It has also shown failure on the SMART Short Self Test, Result Code: WD01V00g-WITWRD .


I'm worried this SSD is bad.  Anyone had similar issue or know what is up?



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Re: X1 Carbon (touch) SSD sometimes fails SMART short self-test

Any time you see SMART errors on a drive I would contact customer support assuming that the laptop is under warranty.   It may also be possible that you would want to check for updated firmware for your SSD model, however I would recommend letting customer support recommend that to you, as it is possible if the drive is failing that the firmware update could push it over the edge.


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Fanfold Paper
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Re: X1 Carbon (touch) SSD sometimes fails SMART short self-test

Ok, so I called the support number.  And I don't know if I got a run-around or not.  As soon as I said error message, SSD, and Lenovo Solution Center, the support person started saying that it was a false error.  That he had fielded lots of calls about SSDs reporting false errors.  And he advised that if it hasn't crashed, not to do anything yet, they are looking into it.


Thing is, he never asked for the "Result Code", and he didn't seem fazed by me telling him that the mid-boot "Quick Storage Device Test" was yielding the same intermittent results.


He did ask if I wanted him to send another SSD.  But at the time of the call I hadn't looked up any pictures of the internals of these X1 Carbon's, so I was too reluctant about replacing it myself.  And in the moment, with him telling me it was a false error, the trouble of sending it in seemed like too much.  But now I've looked at the pictures of the internal layout, and think I probably could switch out the drive (I can even do it in a Class 10 cleanroom if needed).


So, call back and get them to send a drive?  Got the run around or not?

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