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X1 Carbon type 20A7 - Can I use the power adapter from my former W530?

Hi all, 

I happen to have a spare power adapter from my former W530. Can I use it with my X1 Carbon 20A7? Connector is the same but of course the W530 one is much more powerful, so I guess the question is: is the X1 protected against more Amperes than expected?


Thanks and regards

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Re: X1 Carbon type 20A7 - Can I use the power adapter from my former W530?

Welcome to the forum.


Each ThinkPad draws as much current as it needs so in principle an AC charger with a higher Amperage rating will work just fine. If anything it will be able to recharge the battery a bit faster.


However, according to ThinkWiki Power Connector the W530 uses a special variant of the round "barrel" plug that is designed for use only with W520/W530 ThinkPads. 


The X1C2-20A7 uses the newer rectangular plug. If you want to use the charger from a W530 with the X1 then you would normally need an adapter like this:




But because the W520/W530 uses a variant of the standard round plug, you would need to either find such an adapter that is designed for this variant or make a modification to the charger plug as mentioned in the ThinkWiki article.

Cheers... Dorian Hausman • ca.gif English community
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