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X1 Carbon type 3460-1F4 / W7x64: Fn+F3 and Fn+F5 no longer work

Hi All,

After working perfectly fine since inception i.e. for years Fn+F3 (screen lock) and Fn+F5 (wireless) apparently stopped working on my X1 Carbon type 3460-1F4 (1st gen) under Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit some time earlier this month (I didn't notice exactly when). Reinstalling HOTKEY/OSD doesn't help. If I go to C:/Program Files/Lenovo/HOTKEY/ and manually start TpFnF2.exe (which I suppose is what's called upon Fn+F3) the screen does lock; if I manually start TpFnF5.exe (which I suppose is what's called upon Fn+F5) I do get Wireless menu. Other Fn+Fx combinations that were also working since inception, e.g. Fn+F4 (sleep) and Fn+F8/F9 (screen brightness), still work. Is there a way to see which application (if any) is currently mapped to each of those combinations? 


Versions in use:

- HOTKEY/OSD: 8.86.25

- Power Manager: 6.68.15

- PM Driver:

Many thanks in advance!

X1G1 3460-1F4, 2x X61s 7667-34G, X61s 7667-Y24, X61s 7667-WQ8, X61s 7666-34G, X61s 7666-AA5, X60s 1702-W96, T43 2669-YJ6, T42 2373-Q91

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