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Paper Tape
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X1 Carbon weak bluetooth signal

I just received and set up my new X1C and it is working great except for the Bluetooth. I have very weak reception with any device I pair with it. Example - Bluetooth speakers only work if within 10 ft. of the ultrabook. If someone briefly steps in front of the speakers, even if closer, the connection fails. I also tested the X1C with my smartphone and it too fails to maintain a connection. The Bluetooth also seems to be causing some software conflicts and bogs down the system when connection is interrupted/broken.


Please note that I have explored various software and hardware solutions:


1) I deleted and then reinstalled the Bluetooth drivers from Lenovo (no change).

2) I switched off the WLAN and WWAN controllers in the BIOS to see if they were interfering (no change).

3) I dual boot Windows 7 and Ubuntu 12.10 - the Bluetooth issue occurs in both OSs.

4) I have tried multiple Bluetooth devices with the X1C - all have the same issue.

5) I tried paring the X1C and speakers in a different building to see if there was a local interference issue (no change).

6) I have run the Windows diagnostic on the controller (no error recorded).


I thus believe I have a defective hardware issue. If anyone has any advice and/or suggestions, I would greatly appreciate it. I plan on making a service claim soon if I cannot resolve the problem myself.

Retired Support Specialist
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Re: X1 Carbon weak Bluetooth signal

Hello LCF2013,


Welcome to the Support Forums! I understand your frustration and It looks like you have done some troubleshooting. All Lenovo products come with a 1 year warranty. At this point if you do feel like you have defective hardware do not hesitate to contact your local support center. The Lenovo agent will do further troubleshooting with you and if they determine your hardware is in fact defective they will get you setup to have your X1C worked on or have new part(s) sent to you.


Please let us know if you need anything during this process.

Thank you for being a part of the Lenovo Family,


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Paper Tape
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Re: X1 Carbon weak Bluetooth signal

Thank you. I contacted the service department and they agreed it should be looked at. I will likely send it in, but will wait a few weeks until my work slows's not a system critical problem.


I would be curious to know what other X1C owners have experienced with the Bluetooth on their machines.


Is the Bluetooth connection solid or does it break up a few feet away from the machine? My expectations of Bluetooth stem from my previous products including a couple of laptop and a few phones...all have worked well and I could even walk in another room with one of the phones and still maintain connection with the speakers. The current sub-par connection seems worse to me than could reasonably be expected with fully functioning equipment.


Thanks again.



Paper Tape
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Re: X1 Carbon weak Bluetooth signal

I am having the same issues. The bluetooth signal is very weak and inconsistent. I have not yet contacted support but plan to do so soon. 

Paper Tape
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Re: X1 Carbon weak Bluetooth signal

I just talked to support. It was a horrible experience.


First, she could not access the sales record, so I had to give her the computer and my personal information all over again. What kind of technology company has such crappy information systems that the support team cannot access sales records?  All I should have had to give her is my name and order number and it should have popped up on her system.  Ridiculous.


Second, she hardly had any knowledge of the bluetooth technology, nor had any idea about what affects it.  Do support staff even get rudimentary training on computers?  I mean, the last time I checked Lenovo was a computer manufacturer.


Third, upon telling her that I had bluetooth issues, she immediately told me that all she could do is send me a new wifi card.  What?? Wifi?  I said bluetooth, girl. Then she tells me I can go to staples or office depot and get it tested, on my own dime.  Ridiculous. I then told her that I bought it less than 2 months ago so it's under warranty.  See my first point above.  


So I'm sending it to Lenovo for testing and repair.  I have to admit my expectations are very low at this point. It would not surprise me if they sent me back the same computer, telling me everything is fine. At which point I would have no choice but to send it back for a refund.


I make IT buying decisions for my company, and at this point Lenovo is OFF the list!

Paper Tape
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Re: X1 Carbon weak Bluetooth signal

I am curious to know if any X1C owners have what they consider "good" or even "great" Bluetooth signal with their machines. Basically, is sub-par signal what everyone is experiencing or can those of us with problems expect to get our machines fixed?


As for tech service, I actually had a good experience with them. The individual I spoke to was knowledgeable and respectful. I appreciated his help. I can imagine the frustration of having a difficult time on the phone would be though.


If you own an X1C, please let me know what your experience is with Bluetooth on your machine.

Punch Card
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Re: X1 Carbon weak Bluetooth signal

I have an X1CT and I've noticed that my Bluetooth ranges seem pretty good, with one exception. I have a BT mouse and it seems to have signal issues, when the mouse is slightly behind my screen. I just coughed it up to antennae placement. But I guess it could be something more.
Paper Tape
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Re: X1 Carbon weak Bluetooth signal

Hi, I registered just to respond to this- I've been seeing this problem for months. The bluetooth signal from my X1 Carbon is extremely weak. I use a bluetooth mouse and it's flaky any more than a couple of inches from my machine. I also have a bluetooth speaker. This speaker will work from two rooms away with my surface tablet or my android phone but any more than a metre and it starts cutting out. Very annoying behavoiur and it's realy affected my satisfaction with my machine. 


Is there any advice about why this is happening? Is it a software issue or a hardware issue? Do other X1 carbon owners have different experiences? Is there a fix? 

What's DOS?
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Re: X1 Carbon weak Bluetooth signal

Hi, I regsitered here for same reason.


I saw same thing for X1 carbon BT. The signal is very weak, the distance between my logitech BT receiver and my X1 carbon is only 6 feet, but if any small object around the X1 carbon, the connection between two will be affected a lot. What hell? My phone can connect to my logitech far away. 


Hardware issue or driver issue?


Paper Tape
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Re: X1 Carbon weak Bluetooth signal

I have the same bluetooth issues, it is very frustrating as I purchased several bluetooth devices that workded perfectly on my previous sony vayo.

But on the X1 (win8) the range of the logitech z515 speakers is clearly reduced, which is  not that much of a problem; however, the sound on the logitech shb9000 headphones is constantly interrupted, and the same is true for both my old and new mouse (sony bm55 and madcatz mous9), which makes these devices useless.


I have updated drivers, but nothing changed.

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