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X1 Carbon will not boot, or enter BIOS

I would be very grateful for any help out there... I have the Lenovo X1 Carbon, type 3448-34U.


The laptop was booting fine, but it had an OEM Windows 7 install filled with bloatware, so I wanted to re-image. I created a new USB stick and reimaged the machine. At the end of the installation I was interrupted and left the laptop for several hours. When i returned it was off.


Now, when I press the power button, the keyboard lights flash, and the screen shows the Lenovo logo and briefly the message "To interrupt normal startup, press enter". Then turns off. I have tried: 


- During boot, I have tried pressing enter, pressing F1, F2 and various combinations

- Tried the power reset using the paper clip in the hole at the bottom.

- When I press F1 repeatedly during boot, the computer beeps and says "Entering Setup" very briefly (so fast it's hard to read), then turns off

- tried booting to USB sticks


Other than the repeated pressing of F1 which shows the "Entering Setup" message, nothing has any affect, and the laptop just shuts down.


Any advice? Thanks!

What's DOS?
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Re: X1 Carbon will not boot, or enter BIOS

I had the same problem.

If you have windows installed, do not shut it down normally, but make a hard reset (press for a few seconds the turn-on button). It looks like Windows Computer (WC) does not really shut down so you miss the chance of entering the BIOS.To me it works by then pressing the F1 button (without any extra Fn or Ctrl, etc..) a few times after pressing the turn-on button again (no need to press them at the same time).Btw., if you want to install GNU/Linux and boot from USB, you may need to change this in the BIOS: _security _disable secure boot, and_startup _UEFY legacy -> both


My system: Win10 (now Debian), X1 4th generation, PCIe SSD

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