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X1 Carbon wireless lock up

Has anyone else experienced the wireless locking up? 


Lately I've been having wireless issues. It will still show it's connected but nothing will go through. Sometimes going into Airplane mode fixes it and sometimes a reboot fixes it. 


Very strange though





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Re: X1 Carbon wireless lock up

Any other information?  Is this happening at home, work, coffee shop?  Do you have any other devices nearby using the same AP that are working fine?  Are you using the Lenovo factory image or a custom OS install?

Serial Port
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Re: X1 Carbon wireless lock up

This is using the Lenovo factory image. 

It's happening at home sometimes but more often than not it's with my AT&T MiFi. Which has other devices on it at the same time that are working great. 


I could understand dropping the connection if the MiFi goes down but having to restart or switch to airplane mode seems a little off.



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Re: X1 Carbon wireless lock up

Same problem and only a full refresh has restarted mine. I ve had to do it twice and am very frustrated since Lenovo tech cannot fix it and reinstall of all the programs waste a lot of time. I also have AT&T internet service

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Re: X1 Carbon wireless lock up

Yes, I've had this issue. It is very disappointing. Not sure if due to Windows 8 or the X1 Carbon but I have had multiple instances (probably happen at least six times) in the span of my ownership (about 1 month) where the wireless connection just disappears.


The only fix is to yes, go into airplane mode and then back out (or reset the network adapter).


Frustrating. Lenovo, please identify source of issue!!!

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