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X1 Carbonr Gen3 Battery Replacement

My Thinkpad X1 Carbon Gen 3 notebook is a little over three years old and it's battery has lost much of its original charge. A few months ago, I went to the Lenovo parts section to order a new battery and none were available. I then purchased an aftermarket one that turned out to be hardly better than the old original battery.


I would very much like to purchase an original battery from Lenovo, but when I checked the parts section today, I saw that my original battery (P/N 00HW003) has been replaced by a new battery (P/N 00HW002). That battery is listed as "out of stock," just as it was when I checked a few months ago.


Not stocking batteries for a laptop less than four years old is unacceptable, irresponsible, and would have been unthinkable for previous Thinkpad models. This situation will not encoruage Thinkpad purchases in the future.


Does anyone have any idea where I can purchases the proper replacmeent battery for my computer?

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Re: X1 Carbonr Gen3 Battery Replacement

Just a thought... if you purchased on a credit card that has extra warranty protection, you are still in the covered term, batteries are not excluded, and you can show that no replacement is available... you may have luck getting the entire original purchase amount refunded.

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Re: X1 Carbonr Gen3 Battery Replacement

You might want to try Lenovo Encompass store.  Its out of stock but shows 9 days.  Plus it seems more reasonable at $83.00.


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