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X1 Caron- Heating when charging issue



I want to start off by saying that I am loving the X1 Carbon. I thnk its a great laptop but there is something that has been botheirng me.


When I charge my laptop while in use it tends to heat up alot. After 10-15 minutes the bottom of the laptop gets really uncomfortable to the point where I think the heat will probably damage the inside one day.


Is this expected or is there sometihng I am doing wrong?





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Microsoft MVP Contributor
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Re: X1 Caron- Heating when charging issue

the thinkpad uses rapid charge battery, but it shouldn't heat up that much. At least i was not perceiving a huge temperature load on the laptop.

Here are couple of thermal imaging photography of the X1 Carbon whilst battery is been charged and using the laptop surfing the net/watching youtube videos.


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